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Everyone Travels and Vacations. Some folks do annual Family Reunions, some like to do Weekend Getaways, some like to save up for a Bucket List type Vacation or Adventure to go on once a year, and yet others love to wander and discover the Cities, States and Countries nearest to them.

For the past six years I have been I've been using an incredible Vacation Travel Service that allows me to use Hotels, Cruises, Resorts, even Rental Cars at wholesale pricing. No gimmicks! 110% price guarantee. Each Membership includes a Personal Concierge Service So if YOU are looking for a way to DO MORE TRAVELING (at wholesale pricing) and/or want to have some fun and make lots of money showing other people how to do the same thing, fill out the form below and then click over to the website for detailed information. To get Your questions answered, give me a call at 512.472.2604, anytime. (We are in Central Time Zone)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Do You Have a Vanishing Sponsor ??

Several people have recently asked me what they should do when their sponsor or enroller "vanishes". It struck me that this problem could have been eliminated if we would take a few steps BEFORE we enroll with a particular person. Here they are, and don't forget; It Is NEVER TOO LATE FOR YOUR SUCCESS. Do not Quite.... Keep Your Mind's Eye on YOUR GOALS and you WILL get there!

1- Pick you sponsor wisely. Are they experienced? Successful (whatever that means to YOU) Are they committed to YOUR success or are you just $$ to them? Are the Actively engaged in the business or is it a hobby for them?

All the answers to these questions will give you insights into whether or not they will be ABLE to

~ assist you,
~ teach you,
~ train you
~ and be motivated to help YOU succeed rather than putting money in THEIR pocket.

Too frequently, people join a company with the 1st person that calls them and has the ability to "close them". Always take a step back, learn about the program, the pay plan, the products AND most importantly the person who has called you. ALWAYS ask questions of the potential sponsor to make sure that they will meet YOUR criteria.

I would rather work with someone who is engaged and working daily, who has an interest in MY success because they know that if they help ME they help themselves than (not) work with a million dollar earner who is not accessible, or a hobbyist.

All that being said, YOUR SUCCESS is up to YOU, not your sponsor. Here are a few tips for orphaned distributors:

2- Go upline until you find someone willing to work with and help you. If you can't see who they are in your back office call the home office and ask for the names of several upline leaders. They may not give you their contact info but you can ASK for them to call you. The ones who DO call you are the ones you will consider.

3- Find yourself one of two "silent mentors". Read (or listen to CD's if you prefer), Learn, Expand and Grow. BECOME the leader that you do not have.

MY silent mentor is Brian Tracy. There are many; I prefer and relate to his personality. Look him up on Google and start reading his books, get his CD's and study. Again, your plan should be for YOU to Learn, Expand and Grow & BECOME the leader that you do not have.

4- I suggest reading TNT The Power Within You by Claude Bristol. I have read it at least 13 times and each time I re-read it I learn something new, because I am different each time I read it!   If you would like the complementary ebook, please email TNT@CompassionateMarketing.com with your name, email and phone number, and the company you are presently associated with.

Let your sponsor know that you will expect engagement with you and find out what times they are available to help you. Always respect their time yet use your initiative and if you need them unexpectedly, reach out for them, don't wait for them to call you.

Don't Forget that if YOU want to Succeed that you must be Accountable and Take Action yourself. Your sponsor should be able to give you Action Steps to take and welcome your being accountable to them AS WELL AS YOURSELF.

If you need further assistance or have questions, please give me a jingle. I am always happy to help an orphaned rep (from any company).

RS Mallory
Compassionate Marketing
512.472.2604, Country Code 001, CST

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weight Gain? What do your Adrenal Glands Have to do With It?

We are Celebrating National Women's Health Week!  Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato from Abundant Life Network and RS Mallory talk about a breakthrough in Cellular nutrition and Adrenal health. For More Information about Adrenal Fatique, Weight Loss, or Creating Wellness, contact RS Mallory or visit http://BackToAhealthyFuture.com

You can hear Dr. Salvato and RS Mallory discussing this important topic here:

Today I opened my email to no less than 7 emails about "the 4 hormones that cause weight gain" from all the new Guru Doctors that seem to be giving free advice these days. You know, the ones like Dr. Oz (who one days says GMO's are Dangerous and then accepts money from the GMO lobby and then rights an article saying GMO's are okay!!)

The Truth about your weight, weight gain, and weight loss is less dramatic and very simple. When I was growing up in the 50's and 60's in New Jersey (The Garden State) we ate foods that were "in season", grown locally and tasted GOOD, not like Plastic Food. It was a treat to get an Avocado from Florida, because it was transported down the Eastern coastline, or even Vidalia Onions from Georgia, for the same reason.

Today's food comes from thousands of miles away, or even from another country, and laden with sprays, insecticides and IRRADIATED which kills the nutrient content. Plastic Food maybe? Certainly NO nutritional content!

My Grandpa's friends owned chicken farms... open air farms where the chickens all grazed the land and had covered coops to go into at night or when there was rain or a storm. TODAY chicken "factories" feed chickens ground up chicken parts (ewe!) and GMO corn, growth hormone and then antibiotics because they are packed into dark cement houses without the room to move.

What's this all got to do with your WEIGHT and HORMONES? It's really simple!

When we put Un-natural substances into our bodies (from the food we eat) our bodies begin to get sluggish, slow down and then break down. Kind of like a car when you put in a bad tank of gas! Putt- putt- putt-- then it stops!

When our bodies start to slow down and break down, our Adrenal Glands and other systems try to take up the slack, and start working overtime, STRESSING OUT our entire being, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Putt-putt- putt- STOP! Dis-ease sets in and we are now in a vicious circle, gaining or losing weight as a result of the STRESS, creating a viscous circle with our fluctuating HORMONES, until we break down all together.

Stress creates Cortisol, the Death Hormone, AND creates what I call "Cortisol Butter" (FAT) and weight gain.

Next Stop? Some people opt for the nearest doctors office and a prescription pad filled with MORE toxic substances, which really MASK the symptoms and do NOT HEAL anything, yet contribute to MORE toxic breakdowns. Vicious Circle again.

My 40 years of experience in natural remedies (from my Daddy, the Pharmacologist) taught me that we need to

1- Eat what is in Season and Locally farmed or grown

2- Understand the quality of the food you are eating and endeavor to eat NON GMO, HORMONE FREE foods

3- LEARN to be responsible for ourselves and our family's health and wellbeing

4- LEARN about and EMBRACE natural, old fashioned, time tested remedies that will help our clogged up systems work correctly, REBALANCE, REPAIR and REJUVENATE

5- Drink plenty of pure water (use a filter) daily, but don't over do it or you wash away needed minerals

6- STAY AWAY from ANYTHING with High Fructose Corn Syrup

How can YOU start to balance out your hormones so your body Rebalances itself and can begin to Repair, Rejuvenate and Rebuild itself?
~~Follow your tastebuds and

~~Find a good natural store or Farmers Market.

~~Eat in Season (with a treat here or there).

Additionally, I use Laminine to keep my body and hormones balanced. It is NOT artificial, it is a CATALYST product, which means it does nothing EXCEPT HELP MY OWN BODY hum like a race car and Repair, Rejuvenate and Rebuild anything or any toxic substance that might enter my system, and because it is composed of the 22 Essential Amino Acids necessary for Optimum health, my body, at 64 has NEVER looked, felt or performed better, especially in these trying times with all those GMO and adulterated foods (especially the dangerous High Fructose Corn Syrups that are in almost EVERYTHING these days!)

We are always available for a free health and wellness consultation.  You can learn more about Laminine at  BackToAhealthyFuture.com or simply give us a call to discuss how Laminine will impact your family's health and wellness.

RS Mallory
 512.472.2604, Country Code 001, CST

©2013, RS Mallory All Rights Reserved. May be used with Attribution

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to write an eyecatching advertisement

SOOO many people are on the internet and writing "adverts" these days. How do you differential yourself from them?

Here are a few simple steps, and an example :-)

1- Decide who your Target Market is and write for THEM

2- Practice writing to keep your advert clear and concise and no more than a few sentences

3- Include Who, What, Why and How

Who- who needs your product or service?

What- what IS your product or service?

Why- Why do they need it?

How- How do the get your product or service or more information


4- Find a way to make your advertisement (and you) stand out. I use humor.

Some people don't want to talk on the phone and only want to read on the Internet. Provide them with an information page or a Lead Capture Page with a but of information. Use either an AUTORESPONDER or, MY preference, personal response via email**

Here is an example of a good advert covering all of the 3 tips above.

"Looking for men, women and children of all ages (newborn through 90's) who live IN a BODY and have Health Challenges. No challenge too small or large! Our Laminine product AWAKENS your own Stem Cells & then Repairs & Rejuvenates your body from the Inside Out! All Customers welcome and we extend Wholesale pricing to All. NO "Club Fees" . For more information visit  BudUrl.com/LaminineInfo OR for PERSONAL SERVICE call 512.472.2604"

** Personal response is my preference because it helps to develop relationship with your potential client. Most people don't DO that any more and it differentiates you from everyone else!

Practice writing ads until they incorporate all the tips above and find a way to make yourself or your product or service stand out and you will be successful! Once you get the hang of it, have fun and keep TESTING your advertisements until one catches fire. Then reproduce that ad!

If you find this article helpful, please be sure to post a comment, below.

Remember, Pursue your dreams with Wild Abandon, and Take Action each and every Day!

RandiSusan Mallory
512.472.2604 Country Code 001

© 2013 RS Mallory, Compassionate Marketing All Rights Reserved. May be used with proper attribution.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do you Practice Safe Health?

What are Dangers of the Medical TV Commercial Disclaimer ?


I am an old Pharmacists Daughter. Daddy owned Store #1 Liggett Rexall way back when medicines were made from grinding up Herbs in a mortar and pestle and then he stuffed capsules, made tonics and salves. If you are at least 60 or so you remember these fabulous "drug stores" with luncheonette counters, candy counters called floes and the SMELL from the back where people like my Dad had bunches of herbs and was preparing his concoctions.

My passion for good HEALTH came from years of watching Daddy prepare these concoctions and sharing his knowledge with me. Then came the Pharmaceutical Houses in the 1960's,  like Johnson and Johnson, Pfeizer and others making TOXIC MEDICINES in laboratories.

The trouble with these medicines is that they don't help the body HEAL. They MASK whatever the problem is and in most cases they then HURT other organs in the body.

My 74 year old Auntie stopped taking her vitamins when my poor old Uncle passed on. She just threw them in the garbage. She went Cold Turkey! They were keeping her fit as a fiddle, but in 6 months time she was visiting the doctor every week! Each week he gave her A NEW toxic medicine, one to counter act the toxic effects of the last one. Her health really went downhill and no matter how much I talked with her, she told me "her doctor knew what he was doing" and besides, she wouldn't take any more vitamins!

MY disclaimer: there are some very good doctors out there who are going "Back To A Healthy Future" and taking up what are now called "alternative" remedies but in essence, the old fashioned way that my Dad concocted in his Liggett Rexall store all those years ago.

THEIR disclaimer: Be aware that (NAME OF MEDICINE) can cause acute Heart Failure, Kidney Failure or malfunction, Dizzyness, Disorientation (do not drive) dehydration, loss of appetite, lose of Sleep, your nose may fall off, lose of libido, rise in Blood Pressure or Sugar Levels, Blindness.

There ARE times when it is prudent to take a (toxic) medication and after CAREFULLY WEIGHING the results but we must ALL EDUCATE ourselves and KNOW what the downside and that we DO have other OPTIONS open to us.

When I moved to Austin many years ago the very FIRST thing I did was try to find a pharmacist that was in his 70's because he would know what my Dad knew and he would be much more knowledgeable about the toxic stuff AND the good remedies. Fortunately, I am in good health and do not require any medications, unlike my poor Auntie.

So before you or a loved one takes Cialis, Prozac, Cymbalta even Viagra or any of the THOUSANDS of other medicines that are being pushed down our throats on television..... be sure to EDUCATE yourself and understand that YOU can TAKE CHARGE of your own health starting right now! There are many effective alternative "remedies" available today. There are ways to Promote and Maintain good health well into the future.

My Passion is alive and well, and if you would care to discuss or learn more about Practicing Safe Health, or might be available to you, please feel free to contact me, anytime.

Live WELL and Prosper!

RS Mallory 
Compassionate Marketing

© 2013 RS Mallory, Compassionate Marketing, All Rights Reserved, may be used with Attribution

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Chicken, The Egg & Lots O Money?

is everything in life! It energizes, motivates and propels
people to Great Heights! MY passion has always been good
nutrition and old fashioned remedies that HELP the body heal itself.

Learn why this  Ex Vitamark 5 Star Diamond Global Leader who
was known as "the" VitamarkLady is excited about the The
Chicken, The Egg  & How they are creating Lots O Money!

Find out the Secret to the industry's Leading compensation
program, Global Business Opportunity & a  Sensational one of a
kind Category Creating Product whose Outstanding Health
results are backed by Tons of Clinical Studies dating back to 1929!

Laminine has IGNITED my PASSION for helping people.
Whether you are seeking a health remedy OR a way to make Lots O
Money, OR BOTH, I encourage you to contact me.

CUSTOMERS WELCOME and ALWAYS pay Wholesale Prices**
Place your Laminine order today. Call 512.472.2604 for
PERSONAL service or visit


Remember, YOU are in charge of your Health and Wealth! If you
are PASSIONATE about either, Watch the video, VIEW the Story of
Laminine on the website and contact me immediately!

Pursue your dreams with Wild Abandon, and Take Action each and every Day!
RS Mallory
Compassionate Marketing
Austin Texas

© All Rights Reserved, RS Mallory, Compassionate Marketing 2012. Video Copyright LPHG

Sunday, March 25, 2012

MLM Dirty Secret ~ Going Broke with Autoship

Tired of Lotions, Potions, Pills and

Monthly Autoships ?

Have you struggled year after year, maxing out your credit cards for mandatory monthly purchases
and afraid to stop ordering because you MIGHT make a few dollars?

FEAR OF LOSS is not only dangerous to your health my friends,
but can be devastating to your pocketbook too!

Those of you who know me know that I am PASSIONATE about a good nutritional company, BUT the economy is working against any company that requires monthly autoship right now and it is getting more difficult to become a "Maven" and teach people why YOUR nutritional is good for them.  Besides, these days it's not unusual to find people who are caught short at the end of the month and need that money to pay their phone bill or mortgage, and the autoship is the first thing that goes, along with your qualifications  SHOULD you make a few dollars!

We found The  Solution!

Now you can Earn $800.00 Commissions Every Day
With a One-Time $398 Purchase!

Years ago I was in a Travel program and found out Nothing beats a great Travel Program but ONLY if it's done right, offers Value and does NOT have monthly expenses or fees!

Recently my business partner and I found THE top notch travel company;

GTN Vacations

It OUT PAYS and OUT PERFORMS both Traverus Travel, Worldwide Ventures and what was once
YTB and is NOT a travel agent card program! The Membership  OUTPERFORMS and DELIVERS UNLIMITED Vacation weeks (unlike TimeShare where you have to plunk down $20-$50,000 for 1 or 2 weeks a year) with over 3 millions worldwide Resorts/Hotels/Cruises and more.

Now that I've found GTN I am back to do travel again. Why?....
It's all about timing and knowing the Ownership of the company -- if you don't know WHO you're doing business with, you're done before you start. For instance, ROI Travel is said by many to simply be a glorified gifting program I don't know about that but I DO know that ethics, a good track record and history and experience far surpasses those "IFFY" deals! GTN is SOOOO much easier and I have people under me already cycling and earning $800 -- and more, weekly!

GTN is a 2X2 Follow Me RECycler that Rocks... Only 6 People
run through the Matrix and it Pays $800 Dollars over and over!

Wealth Creators will understand the concept of Recurring Income and the
GTN INFINITY CODING BONUS has NO limitations or restrictions and
pays $50 to Infinity starting with your fourth sale!

NO other fees, EVER! Remember there is
only a One-Time $398 Membership Purchase
I made $800 dollars in my first two days, then $1600 within the next week.  More importantly the team is making money; averaging at least one $800 cycle weekly, and YOU could be one of them. So if you are tired of paying monthly autoships with no returns check out our program and then give me a call...

I am the Top Sales Producer and my team is Prospering. Be sure to check out the website. Get your questions answered by

Treating Yourself to this 8 minute call-  1.800.584.4904

~ CALL NOW for the details!

Call me with ANY questions you have. You can reach me at my home office 512.472.2604 or on my cell at 512.796.6144. I am happy to chat with you, answer your questions and help you determine whether GIVING UP your monthly autoship of $150-$300 to GAIN $800 a week (or more) would be beneficial to YOUR health AND your bank account!!

Pursue your dreams with Wild Abandon, and Take Action each and every Day!

RS Mallory
512.472.2604 Country Code 001

Monday, August 15, 2011

Would you sponsor Snow White?

When we pre-judge others we limit our expectations of them, and they will give us exactly what we expect of them so make sure that you impart your support and trust to your organization.

A friend of mine watches Snow White with her little girl every morning. It occurred to me what a wonderful role model Snow White really is. She took a motley band of misfits, (Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Sleepy, Doc, Sneezy, and Happy) and gave them direction, encouragement and kindness. She took the time to get each and every one of them, learned their foibles AND their talents, and empowered each and every one of them! She created a successful TEAM that worked together to achieve their own individual goals AND a team goal!

Why would I sponsor Snow White? She is the quintessential Role Model of a Leader AND Compassionate Marketer! She is selfless, sees the best in people, and has high aspirations for them, even before they believe in themselves!

Snow White took the time to get to know each one of them and developed a special relationship with each of them. They each learned that they could trust Snow White, and count on her to be there for them. They grew into a successful band of men who functioned as a TEAM and could thus help others attain their goals and dreams. Their devotion to Snow White was unswirving and focused because she gave each of them a feeling of self worth and accomplishment. This unlikely team of seven KNEW that they could accomplish anything they wanted, if they worked together. Snow White taught them the effectiveness of teamwork!

~~~~What are you doing for your organization?

~~~~What expectations and tools are you delivering to your team to guide them and encourage them?

~~~~What are you doing to instill a sense of self worth and accomplishment for your team mates?

The month of August draws to a close and we are all looking forward to the rebirth of another month!

Take time to review your past activities and see what you need to do to insure a prosperous new month.

Is your business growing and fulfilling your goals?

Do you have your goals for the new month written down?

How will you reach out and encourage your organization in September to let them know that you are there for them ? Is your team reading? If you would like a complimentary Ebook to share with your team this month, please send an email to
I wish you a Prosperous and Joyful September!

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness, EVERY DAY,

RS Mallory
Compassionate Marketing
512.472.2604 Country Code 001
Twitter: RandiSusan

Copyright ©2009 RS Mallory/Compassionate Marketing. All Rights Reserved. May be used with Proper Attribution

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Real meaning of Labor Day

We are celebrating Labor Day weekend and what better way than to acknowledge and celebrate the Legions of Entrepreneurs that helped to build our country.

Our Grandparents and their parents came from far off lands to make their fortunes AND build a future for their family. America WAS, AND STILL IS, The Land of Milk and Honey for those who Believe in themselves, Have a dream and are willing to Take Action!

They came as Artisans, Bakers, Carpenters, Craftsmen, Farmers, Peddlers, Seamstress, Tinkers, Tailors, Bankers, and unskilled laborers. They each had a desire, a hunger, and a BELIEF that this Country afforded them the opportunity to succeed. They TOOK ACTION, whether it was pushing a cart of old clothes on the East Side of New York, brewing pickles in barrels in a friends backyard garage, traveling “the hinterlands” or new cities selling their pots and pans or setting up a stall or store in one of the new and growing cities.

They each had A DREAM, TOOK ACTION and PERSEVERED until their dream was achieved!

Sears Catalog started with one mans dream and the knowledge that people were scattered all over this Country and would purchase his products through MAIL ORDER. Today, Sears in one of the best Entrepreneurial success stories ever, not to mention one of the most well known billion dollar companies in the world.

Book Peddlers became conglomerates like Brantanos, Barnes and Noble and the world famous New York Bookstore!

Pickle makers grew to be well known corporations like Vlasik, Batempte, Heinz and it was a Hotdog pushcart fellow that created Hebrew National a world reknown purveyor!

Levi & Strauss started selling denim pants (Jeans) back in the Conestoga Wagon days, traveling all over the then USA and the Wild West AND in the growing cities.

All Entrepeneurs……all with a dream……..all persevered……. All Took Action !

Look Back to see your future!

Here in 2010 we find ourselves living in tenuous economic times. Just today, The New York Times posted an article quoting the US Labor Department about the growth, or lack of growth in our beloved country also stating that the private sector added 67,000 jobs in August, with some of the strongest gains in health care, food service and temporary help. US chief economist Josh Shapiro states, “Labor markets are KIND OF treading water…”

Entrepreneurs with a dream and a passion understand that NOW is the time for them to help RECLAIM our country in these stressful economic times AND RECLAIM their OWN financial security!

Their vehicle of choice, and yours should be through Network Marketing. It is the number one choice of a growing number of traditional business men and women, unskilled and skilled folks, the educated and non-educated alike, tradesmen and women including super business entrepreneurs like Donald Trumph, Robert Kiowsaki, Warren Buffett, Dr. Charles King and more.

~~The REAL meaning of Labor Day should be to honor all those who came before us who helped to build our beloved country with their enthusiasm, spirit, dreams, vision, perseverance and action.

~~The REAL meaning of Labor Day CAN BE a turning point for you and your family if YOU realize that Network Marketing is the ONLY business platform today that will avail you the opportunity to build your future without investing a thousands and thousands of dollars in time, education or franchise fees.

~~The REAL meaning of Labor Day SHOULD BE a breath of fresh air for you and your family because it can not only reshape your financial future, but it will contribute to the salvation of the Capitalistic Spirit of our beloved USA and help save her from these failing economic times.

Now, more than ever, it is important for folks to be able to learn fundamental skills that will help them select a good solid company and have a place to go to help guide them on a generic basis.........

Do not hesitate. Make a decision to find a company that matches your personality and passions. MAKE SURE that the company meets criteria for a quality company. You can read more about Evaluation Guidelines at
http://BudUrl.com/EvaluationGuidelines a direct link to an article on this blog or call me for a complimentary consultation.

Have a safe and festive Labor Day weekend and don’t forget to start Dreaming and believing that you CAN reclaim financial security for yourself, your family and our Beloved USA!

RS Mallory
Austin Texas
512.472.2604 Country Codew 001
SKYPE: RSMallory

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who's Renting Space in YOUR Brain?

".....As we get older we let others take over some of our Psycho-Emotional turf; we let the ghosties move in and cripple us emotionally!"

Who's Renting Space in YOUR Brain and How to Reclaim It! is dedicated to all those who have followed what they were TOLD TO DO, haunted and daunted by those little voices (THEIR ghosties) who pop up at the most inopportune times and sabatoge them, and to all those who, despite all their personal development, reading and listening to CD's, visits to shrinks and debilitating self esteem have never found the KEY to banishing their ghosties.

Who's Renting Space in YOUR Brain and How to Reclaim It! has been gathering rave reviews from CEO and Publisher George Madiou of TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com, Industry Leaders like Xango Legend Sandi Cohen, and readers just like you!

Sue Rissel of Pennsylvania has said, "Just finished reading "Who's Renting Space in Your Brain and How to Reclaim it" by RS Mallory. She's quite the talent at getting to the root of the problem, and I'm sure this book will give you as much of an eye-opener as it did me. I have a lot of "ghosties" to let go of. There are bonuses, too! Definitely worth the time to read!!! Just had an "aha" moment regarding friendships.... bumped into this wall a few times (so I've been told) and with little energy to think or even care I realized a few things about some people. It's amazing what clearing the mind of 'ghosties' can do!

Read more testimonies and learn more about Who's Renting Space in YOUR Brain and How to Reclaim It! by visiting

This is the first of a monthly series of Ebooks, conference call and webcasts and a host of resources to help you Banish YOUR ghosties for good!

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

RandiSusan Mallory
Compassionate Marketing
512.472.2604 Country Code 001
SKYPE or Oovoo: rsmallory

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Friday, January 15, 2010

How do you Evaluate an MLM or Network Marketing Company?

2010 will see more people than every looking for their Plan B or an alternative to their employment situation. In many parts of the USA there is unemployment up to 16.8%. Six figure income earners are now struggling to keep their families together with lesser jobs paying as little as $20K or even less! People from ALL walks of life are looking for an alternative path to either create new or REcreate a suitable and generous income. Network Marketing traditionally thrives during these economic downturns, and, to be sure, people are often duped into all kinds of ""creative"" opportunities. To add to the mix, myriad self proclaimed Internet Gurus entice the most intelligent people into scams or ventures that only benefit them! To be sure, a set of Guidelines is requisite to making an educated and informed decision, BEFORE you decide to jump into Network Marketing, MLM o r Direct Sales.

Here are the Guidelines and Evaluation Points I reviewed on the Thursday evening Generic Skills Training call for The Distributor Rights Associaton on January 14, 2010. Be sure to use them and your common sense, when researching a potential Network Marketing, MLM or Direct Sales company. Remember, treat your selection of a company seriously, with respect and as a partner for life. You will be spending lots of time and energy with the people in the company and on your particular team. Make sure it is a comfortable fit AND a reputable company that will be here 10 years from now so that your hard won income does not evaporate.

Guidelines and Evaluation Points:

~~~~ Be sure to consider and evaluate the Company Management and Experience. Although you are seeking a Business oriented company, it must be one whose Management knows what it takes to build a network of people or team, and one whose Integrity is exemplified in the Company Policies and Procedures or Terms and Conditions which reflects their INTENTION toward the Distributor. Policies and Procedures or Terms and Conditions are the CONTRACT between you and the company and outline THEIR REPSONSIBILITY TO YOU, and YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO THEM. Is this contract Distributor friendly or do they display Company Greed? If you were an Airline Pilot seeking a position with American Airlines, you would want to know YOUR obligations to them as well as THEIR obligations to you BEFORE you signed on with them, wouldn't you? Treat the potential contract with your future Networking Company very seriously and in the same way as any other Employment Contract! You will have to live with it once you agree to the terms.

~~~~Be sure to pay attention to the basics! Make sure that the company you are looking at has a company website that has a listing with contact information including physical address, email address, working telephone numbers, listing of all the Corporate Officers with their experience, Company history and philosophy, Policies & Procedures or Terms & Conditions and is Professionally made and not a home made site.

~~~~ Be sure you can be excited and passionate about the product or product line. Then be selective and find a company whose products not only fit YOUR criteria, but whose products are exemplary AND have some passion of their own! Seth Godin wrote a book called The Purple Cow. Roy H. Williams (The Wizard of Ads) refersto the ability of a product to stand out and get through “Boca’s Point” which is in the forefront of the brain. Boca’s Point does not allow the mundane or “the usual” to get past it to the rest of the brain. An example of this would be when you are driving down a country lane and spot herds of cows on the left and right; all black and white or brown and white. Soon they blur in your vision as they are “familiar” and all alike. Then your companion shouts, “Look at that” and you spot Babe the Big Blue Ox with pink and green polka dots all over his body. Babe COULD get through Boca’s Point because it STANDS OUT IN A CROWD. This is called “A Purple Cow”. Make sure your product line can be seen, tasted, and experienced, all with integrity as a Purple Cow in your Industry.

~~~~Be sure that the Price Point for the product or product line is one that is not only fair to the Company, but also to the End User, whether they be a customer or distributer on your team. Traditionally, MLM, Direct Sale and Network Marketing company's product pricing is usually a bit higher (so they can pay out commissions to you) but should be equally generous to both you the distributor, and the company. This is why I personally would NOT select a company that is publicly traded. They have to report and satisfy their Board of Directors and Shareholders, and care less about the pockets of their distributers. When your products are fairly priced and have exemplary quality, your ability to grow AND RETAIN a large customer and distributer (END USER) base becomes easier! Recurring Income is based on the ability to gather and RETAIN customers who purchase over and over and over again! When the pricing is fair AND the quality of the products is exemplary and does its job, the end user will continue to purchase products, Sustaining and Stablizing your Recurring Income!

~~~~Be sure The Compensation Plan is fair and treats you, the distributer and the company itself fairly and as equal partners. There are all types of compensation plans; binaries (where you build 2 teams), Matrices (Matrix either square or triangle & promising "spill over"), Unilevel (building one long line) and more including some very convoluted hybred plans! The plan you select MUST pay the AVERAGE, part time people, not just the 2% top distributers. It must also give you the ability to be rewarded and thrive on Retail Sales, if you wish. Again, Recurring income is built on CONTINUED use of product by both distributor and customers (end users). Thus, it is essential that your plan PAYS the AVERAGE person who is just starting out so they will continue to use the products and build their businesses for years to come. Large amounts of new distributers become END USERS and do not "build a business" with you. When your compensation plan rewards you based on VOLUME of product purchased, YOU WIN, because your Recurring Income checks will stabalize and grow as these satisfied End Users CONTINUE to purchase product and ocassionally refer others.

~~~~Select a Sponsor who shows that they care about you and YOUR goals and is willing to help YOU on your Journey to Success. This person is your Business Partner! Time and again, I have seen people who know nothing about Network Marketing sign up with the first person who calls them and paints them a rosie picture of riches in the next 30-60 days. You will be building a relationship with this person, so be sure that their knowledge, passion and integrity matches yours. To be sure, you will be IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF, but should NOT BE BY YOURSELF. The wonderful part of Network Marketing, if done properly, is the Team effort including Upline Leadership and Support. It is essential that Your Upline Team Members will lend support, develop and encourage team spirit & culture and supply leadership, perhaps including tools such as a Team Website, Continued Education, a Personal Development Program and an ACTION PLAN for all on an ongoing basis for ALL members regardless of their geographic location, limitations or initial abilities. Synergy, integrity and honesty must prevail within the team and all actions should benefit ALL, not just the few.

~~~~The economic downturn has created a natural Timing in the Industry for Network Marketing however there should be a “Window of Opportunity” with your chosen Company. If your company is one of 200 who sell blue and green marbles, with no distinction, the company does NOT offer a Window of Opportunity”. Excel Communications had to SUE the Baby Bells BEFORE they would release any customers. It would not be prudent to have joined Exel BEFORE they were actually able to supply services. In other words, good timing for a Distributor would have been AFTER the Law Suit was completed and customers were able to actually receive the service, NOT during the two years Excel was suing the Baby Bells. (This includes “”start up companies” who are untested and perhaps under financed). Look for products that distinguish themselves in the Global Market Place.

There are a plethora of "new" companies sprouting up every day. Be sure to employ these Guidelines and Evaluation Points BEFORE you choose your company. Approach your selection with the Intention of finding a company with whom you will be associated with for many years to come. Up until the 1970's it was the "norm" to seek out traditional employment with the Intention of being there 30-40 years or even a lifetime, collecting your Gold Watch and Retiring. These days collecting job titles on a CV and hopping from one company to the next seems like the norm for those in TRADITIONAL EMPLOYMENT, if you can find it! The Network Marketing Arena, attracting entrepeneurs and the traditionally minded alike, has the potential for us to go back to the security of an (extraordinary) income stream for life, if we choose wisely and then find the right sponsor/mentor, company and pay plan, learn the basic skills and Take Action.

If you would like to learn more about these Guidelines or would like assistance in finding a company, feel free to call or write,

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

RandiSusan Mallory
Compassionate Marketing
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are you Wishing or Asking for what you Want?

"" I wish I may I wish I might, my first wish I wish tonight.....""

This sweet little jingle in embedded in our psyche's from childhood.

Wishing.... Wishing...... is what is reinforced in our earliest training as children, yet those of us who are lifelong students of Success and The Law of Intention, Law of Attraction and Law of Reciprocity know that wishing is futile (sorry for the "Borg speak") and sets us up for failure.

So what energy deep within us can we tap into that WILL invite The Laws of Intention, Attraction & Reciprocity to our door ?
The energy and power deep within the Action of ASKING.

Before we can LEARN how to ask for what we want, we must clearly define our desire(s).
The ACTION of asking sets our Intention and then invokes the Law of Attraction to our door.

BEFORE we ASK we must

~~KNOW what we want
~~Define exactly what it is we are striving for
~~Clearly and succinctly defined our goals
~~Write down our goals & speak them OUT LOUD several times a day, try them out, see how they feel, adjust them accordingly to make sure that they are EXACTLY what we want!

We all remember the old adage, "Be careful............. you just might get what you wish for". Literary license will allow me to paraphrase, ""Be careful what you ASK FOR, because WHEN you take action you will surely get it!""
Remember that we are creatures of The Universe and she has ears and is listening at all times. Those of us who understand that and learn the art of asking can tap into the Energy and Power of The Art of Asking on our personal Journey of Success.
Are you Asking for what you want? No? Why not? Don't forget, Put ACTION into your request and you will me amazed at what you will accomplish! You will invoke the Laws of Attraction, Intention and Reciprocity to your door!

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,


RandiSusan Mallory
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Imperative Actions for A New Year

2010 is almost here! That means

~~reflecting on this past year; what worked and what didn't work

~~looking forward and leaving the past in the past

~~practicing Gratitude for all that we accomplished and for that which we have the ability to accomplish in 2010.

~~Be sure to write down your Personal and Business goals for the New Year.

~~Make an appointment with your sponsor to discuss a personal plan of action for you in the new year.

~~ Take Action

This sends a message to the Universe using The Laws of Intention and Attraction and puts them on notice that you will be Taking Action and request their assistance.

For those of you less esoteric, the ACTION of writing down your goals makes a kinetic connection with your subconscious, allowing you to move forward on your Journey to Success in the coming New Year.

Compassionate Marketers know the importance of expressessing gratitude for what you already have, and what you will be working to achieve.

Blessings of Abundance, Prosperity Joy and Laughter to you all for a healthy 2010.

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,
RandiSusan Mallory
Compassionate Marketing
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Monday, December 28, 2009

How to attain your goals? Write it down, write it down!

Did you know that 95% of aspiring Network Marketers are not only new but part time marketers who seek to improve their lives; many times by just a few hundred dollars a week? A lucrative and effective compensation plan MUST PROVIDE for these part timers, thus creating an extraordinary place for Leaders (like you and I) who strive to not only live our dreams but to help others attain THEIR goals and dreams!

Being a Compassionate Marketer means that your contributions as a leader will be beneficial to all those whom you touch.

How can we learn to understand and motivate other networkers in our group?

Monday evening my personal business group discussed the importance of defining “Your 25 Reasons” and why it is important for you to WRITE THEM DOWN. As you may know, virtually ALL the "Captains of Industry" in our society to date have one thing in common; they ALL write down their goals. Doing so builds a STRONG kinetic bond between your heart and your brain and it also sends a message out to the Universe that you have INTENTION. The Universe always pays attention!

Your 25 reasons need to be STRONG enough to MOTIVATE you so that NOTHING stands in the way of your goals! Be sure that you KEEP this in your thoughts at all times.

Here is how it works:

1--Your goals should motivate you so strongly that you should be able to say, "If I don't get to (your goal, let's say the next level in your company) by (date) then I will give up........ (define what you will give up)

2--The thing you give up should be VERY important to you, like giving up your season's tickets to sport events (maybe The Yankees games) or selling your beloved 1967 Vintage Barracuda! The whole idea is that you would NEVER give those things up, so your motivation will KEEP you going until you reach your goal so you do NOT have to give them up! You are thus PUTTING VALUE to that which you want to attain and your goals suddenly become INTENSIFIED!
Example, Let's say I wanted to lose 30 lbs and could never do it before. Now I am on “the cookie diet” but don't really stick to it. If I promise that I will lose the weight OR I will have to give away my precious Sweet Pea (my beloved English Siamese pussy cat) then I KNOW that I will stick to the cookie diet and lose the weight. Can you see that?

Your assignment for this week, if you choose to accept it (Mission POSSIBLE) is to write (or re-write) your 25 Reasons for Being a (Your next in Level) in 2008.

This is NOT an easy assignment, my friend. Take a few days and noodle around what reasons will really motivate you enough to energize you to TAKE ACTION for the long term. The Slight Edge (By Jeff Olson) will get you there IF you are motivated and take action:-)

If you wish, you may submit YOUR 25 Reasons to me. BE SURE you TAKE ACTION by printing them out and placing them ALL over your home and office, review them several times a day, and SAY THEM OUT LOUD! my25reasons@CompassionateMarketing.com Please include your phone number, name and email address and I will contact you for a free consultation.
Questions? Please feel free to call or write. Thank you for being such an important part of Compassionate Marketing. Your contributions, comments and your friendship are a blessing to me!

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to yourdoor.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

RandiSusan Mallory
Compassionate Marketing
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Retail Marketing Tips for November

November is one of the largest Retail Sales months of the year! Are you capitalizing on this pre- Holiday Season to grow your Business?

It doesn't matter whether your Network Marketing Company markets a service or products. If you are Creative, you will realize that Every Network Marketing Company has a product or two that is suitable for Gift Giving.

The trick is to know your market (Customers)

Be sure to comunicate with your team and share marketing ideas with them. Encourage them to create and contribute ideas of their own too!

When you market to your Customers

~~~~ Be Creative in your presentation

~~~~ Be sure you build Value into the Gift by presenting a Word Picture for them that describes how the product/service will enhance their lives

~~~~ Make it convenient for them to purchase your products/services (practice exceptional Customer Service )

~~~~ Offer incentives or discounts (if your company does not have a holiday special)

~~~~ Personalize your customer service and offer to extend your customers purchasing to other LifeStyle Events during the year:





Bachelor Parties


Girls Night Out Parties

Just Because Gifting

Don't forget, building value to the product or service by painting a word picture ALWAYS creates desire and satisfaction!

~~~~ ALWAYS send a Thank you Note

~~~~ Send out a brief listing (mini newsletter) of potential gifts AND be sure to include a brief description of how the product will enhance the receivers life :-)

If possible, make sure that you label the product so that the receiver will be able to return to your website or call you to reorder once they finish the product or have used it up.

If you would like a personal consultation to learn more about increasing your November retail Sales or business building, please contact me via phone or email November@CompassionateMarketing.com

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

RandiSusan Mallory
Compassionate Marketing
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jumpstarting your Network Marketing Business in September

Even though ""The summer slowdown"" is a myth in Network Marketing, many people take advantage of summer to travel or spend time with family and friends. Whew! The kids are (almost) all back to school, and it's time to take a deep breath and regroup. It's time to jumpstart YOUR Network Marketing Business!

September is here and is a time to reactivate your prospecting efforts as well as contacting your leaders, customers and old prospects.

First things first!

1- Clear your workspace! Open up the door to your office (or workspace), dust, clean off yours desk, and organize your files.

2- Redo and reaffirm your short term and long term goals. Write them down and visit them daily.

3- Sit down with your family and brainstorm about the hours you will be working, and why this will value add to their lives. When you have the cooperation of your spouse and children and they are invested in your activities, you eliminate unwanted stress.

4- Set up & resume your Daily Personal Growth program, whether it be listening to CD's or reading a book; 15 minutes each morning and 15 minutes before you retire at night. Meditate or exercise at least 15 minutes a day to improve your focus.

5- Review the new contacts you made during the summer and include them in a prospect, business or customer list. Do NOT pre-judge anyone.

6- Revisit the "tools" that you are using to build your business; autosponders, email messages, other programs, phone systems (for better rates), etc.

7- Call your company or upline to find out about any new products and information that you may have missed. Learn about the new products and plug into trainings and plan to attend company events.

8-Contact your sponsor and let them know what your new goals are and enlist them in your efforts. If they are not available, go upline until you find someone willing to assist you. These days, Compassionate Marketers find themselves part of proactive teams with many different leaders available to anyone who might need assistance. Find out who is available on your team and contact them.

9- Find a workout buddy who WILL be available to you on a daily basis. Your Workout Buddy will motivate you and keep you on course. They can provide you with that essential "accountability factor" that many of us need to stay focused. You can set up friendly ""challenges"" or mini contests between you... a friendly race to the finish line (a particular goal) is always invigorating and invites focus and energy.

Remember that the economy is providing us with a plethora of potential business partners who are looking for a way to extend their income or define and work their "Plan B". Keep yourself open to visiting with new summer acquaintences AND set up a plan to REVISIT with old customers and prospects alike!

Ready, Set............jump right in and remember WHY you love what you do. Remind yourself of the advantages you can give your family, the lives you might change, and the gratitude we experience that is so inherent in being a successful network marketer!

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

RandiSusan Mallory
Compassionate Marketing
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Keys to your Success

Your dreams are your own. Nobody else has YOUR specific goals and dreams.

YOU hold the key to your own success in manifesting your dreams and goals.

How do you DO that? (DO is an action word)

1- ACKNOWLEDGE your goals and dreams

2- Allow them free reign in your heart, soul, brain, subconscious AND Conscious thoughts

3- Write down your goals and dreams and post them all over (your work area, living space, car etc)

4- DO 15-30 minutes of personal development EVERY DAY (tapes, cds, books, meditation, affirmations

5- Remember that your dreams belong to YOU and only you. Be Audacious, bold and daring and be prepared to step OUT of your comfort zone to move forward every day towards your dreams and goals.

6- BE single minded and FOCUSED on your dreams and goals; do not let any one dissuade you or tarnish your dream. COVET YOUR DREAMS and KNOW that they are already yours. It is your job to attract them to you.

Remember that it is the Journey that counts and once you attain your goals and dreams you will give birth to another and another. PAY ATTENTION to the little things that occur daily. THEY are the stuff that dreams are made of :-)

7- Practice The Slight Edge. Take baby steps, every single day.

Contact me for a free Slight Edge Chart and be sure and read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

Remember, whatever you want to be you ALREADY ARE.

Look inside yourself and BELIEVE.

When you take action you invite the Universe to orchestrate things, people and events that will bring your dreams and goals to you. BE KIND TO YOURSELF and others; BE a Compassionate Marketer.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,


RandiSusan Mallory
Compassionate Marketing
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