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Why Multi tasking & Multi streaming don't Work

Why Multi tasking & Multi streaming don't Work

I recently enrolled a new Affiliate from the UK & for mis-spelled her name in my Compassionate Marketing NEWSLETTER. This gal is an amazing; an accomplished business woman who is create and eager to build her business recurring income through the company that Compassionate Marketing is associated with. She is a webmaster and has her own thriving business in The UK AND she is fast tracked to be Compassionate Marketing's next UK Leader.

My error was due to that nasty "multi-tasking bug" that sometimes hits us all, and decidedly I have realized that this "incident would be a valuable lesson for us all :-)

I recently watched a documentary about multi-tasking, which of course is akin to multi-streaming in our beloved industry. Many aspiring Network Marketers think that MORE is better. We even see people who join legions of companies at the same time, never accomplishing anything but perhaps maxing out several credit cards with a constant stream of outgo.

The documentary revealed, under an MRI on the brain, that

1- people who multi tasked were LESS apt to absorb, assimilate or achieve excellence in EITHER of their tasks.

2- Our brain can certainly HANDLE multi tasking, however optimum performance and success requires our FULL attention.

3- Today's "techno society" encourages multi tasking/streaming, however the end results are sub par.

Think about driving your car and talking on your cell phone. How much do you miss around you and how are you impeding your reactive skills should they be required?

Think about talking with a new prospect whilst checking your email or typing up a proposal. Hmmmm, how much detail is missing from the document, how many times must you go back and RE read the email and

more importantly, how does your prospect FEEL on the other end of the phone?

We encourage people to always SMILE when they are on the phone because it will be FELT on the other end of the phone.

In the same manner, each and every one of our Prospects AND Affiliates deserves our FULL ATTENTION when we are speaking/training/visiting with them.

Compassionate Marketers know that the secret to Success and creating Long Term Recurring income is by caring about others. That means LISTENING and taking the time to get to know them, their goals and their dreams.

I could write a book about each of my personally sponsored affiliates, and particularly this new lovely gal who is a charming and smart young Entrepreneur who IS a Compassionate Marketer at heart!

Perhaps our new tag line should read:

Compassionate Marketing,
NO multi tasking allowed because you deserve our FULL attention :-)

Have an awesome week my friends. Please feel free to contact me for any assistance you may require. I promise to give you my FULL attention!

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

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