Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tales from Town Lake: Strange Bedfellows & a Tornado

Taking to Town Lake running trail after the Austin Tornado was gratifying :-) All the 100 year old trees managed to Survive the winds, softball size hail and torrents of rain. Most relented and gave up their weak branches, receiving a "mental cleanse" from Mother Nature.

A Mental Cleanse? Yes! The weak branches were sucking life out of the trees, hanging on for dear life and causing the tree trunk and healthy branches to suffer and wan. Such it is with those of us who cling on to the dead wood in our mind; that which zaps our energies, causes us self doubt and stands in the way of our Success, Joys and Laughter.

A destructive tornado is not necessary for you to clean up your mind. There are some very specific steps you can take that will be positive;

1- Agree with yourself that you need to do some "personal work" to eliminate those ghosties and dead wood
2- Create a Goal to take steps to RESOLVE and LET GO those issues

What to do First?

1- Look at yourself in the mirror and wrap your arms around yourself and have a big hug.

Make sure you tell yourself that "you love you". This is not easy to do and you may have to start with just "liking yourself"!

2- Embark on a DAILY personal growth program (reading, writing, Cd's, tapes, DVDs) 15 minutes IN THE MORNING and then 30-45 minutes before you go to bed.

~~~Starting your day with positive action creates the footprint of your day.

~~~Ending your day with positive thoughts sets your mind to thinking and working through POSITIVE things.

3- Do not Judge yourself. Be KIND to yourself. Experience Joy, laughter and gratitude each and every day. Create a "Blessing Box" and put little notes in it daily. At the end of the day open it up and read your Blessings for the day.

What goes in your blessing box? Here's what is in mine for today so far;

~~~Thank you for raising the water in Town Lake so that the fishes have ample room to swim. Their beauty and frolicking is amazing and joyful!

~~~Thank you for my ability to complete 5.5k run today

~~~Thank you for the opportunity to behold the ducks who survived the tornado. ( White Duck lost her mate and a Mallard Duck adopted her. Since ducks mate for life, it was quite a beautiful thing to see and experience.

Relationships are amazing! Strange Bedfellows CAN create beautiful and lasting bonds!

~~~I am gratified and thankful to be able to offer $160 in free product to New Affiliates this week. (Please contact me for more information)

4. Set your goals and take action daily. Use The Slight Edge and understand that it will work for you IF you do not quite. Take baby steps toward your goals, each and every day.

5. Remember that only you control the thoughts in your mind. You can Vanquish the negative thoughts if you are aware of them and remember that you are in control of who visits your mind. It's valuable real estate. Take charge of who you let in!

6. Practice Abundance, Prosperity and Kindness towards YOURSELF, each and every day!

7. Remember, you ALREADY ARE who you think you are; just take action to bring it to you!

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

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