Saturday, September 6, 2008

Network Marketing and YOUR Goals

Remember this is YOUR journey; one that you should enjoy as you learn, grow and share... these tips will help you do just that.

Network Marketing can help us achieve our individual goals more than any other business paradigm. Once we have selected our vehicle (company) the important thing is to understand that we need to develop skills. What’s that?

In actuality, the optimum journey would be to learn and develop our skills FIRST and then learn how to evaluate and select an opportunity and company.So now that your passion has been ignited and you have your goals, what do you do?

1- Seek guidance from your sponsor or someone in your upline that is willing to give you a helping hand and put you on your journey towards success.

2- Understand and practice The Slight Edge (Jeff Olson). Do not be impatient and know that each baby step you take and performing those steps consistently and on a daily basis will be the most rewarding thing you can do.

3- Teaching others to do the same thing will enhance your ability to grow a fruitful and successful organization. This is Duplication at it's finest!

Remember that sponsor or upline that may be willing to help and guide you? Be sure that you find out WHAT systems they use and HOW to use them. Do not attempt to reinvent the wheel, my friend. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are new to network marketing or you have been in network marketing for 20 years. Each team has a system that they use. In most cases, the system will increase your ability to grow your business.

Here are a few tips:

1-Be prepared to WORK and decide how many hours you are willing to devote to your business.

2- Read The Slight Edge (Jeff Olson) and understand that building your business is a journey and reliant on your doing a few simple things over a long period of time, over and over again on a consistent basis (and teaching others to do the same thing)

3- Do not freeze. Remember, nobody knows what you DON’T know or what you might leave out in a presentation. Most people are NOT The Amazing Kreskin and cannot read your mind! Relax, learn on the job and enjoy!

4- Seek council and feedback from your sponsor, upline or mentor. Remember to invite constructive criticism in order to hone your skills.

5- Continue to attain your (written) goals of contacting/meeting/approaching people on a daily basis.

6- Be sure you have your written goals in a place that you can review them OFTEN.

Knowing that you are on a daily journey will reinforce your ability to stick to your plan and continue on a daily basis.

Remember this is YOUR journey; one that you should enjoy as you learn, grow and share!

Helping other people focus and teaching them how to grow is the real payoff in Network Marketing!

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

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Unknown said...

Thanks R.S. All good tips and I especially found #3 to be very helpful to me as I do tend to forget that I probably know much more about my field/company/product, than anyone I will talk to, outside of my usual circle of contacts.
I also must put into effect numbers 1, 4, 5 & 6 ( and probably re-read "The slight edge:) Thank you.

Diane Tegarden said...

Dear RS, thank you for the well wishes for 2011 and beyond, you have ever been an inspiration to me!
I think that tip#6- to keep your goals in plain sight and to review them often is very important. I also think one should make a plan with the steps that will get you to your goal, and to give yourself a realistic time frame in which to get them done!
Bright Blessings now and always,
Diane T. and furfamily