Monday, May 18, 2009

Expanding your Perception

Is the glass REALLY half full or is it really half empty?

I remember my Dad asking me this questions when I was a child. I thought it was a "magic" question and labored to come up with the correct response!

What about you?

This is really an age old philosophical question that was used to measure a child's deductive or inductive reasoning skills. It also measures a persons' PERCEPTION!

Deductive Reasoning allows us to grasp (and SEE) the WHOLE picture and then to understand and break down and pick out the bits and pieces that make it up. Those who can solve a Geometry theorem are good at Deductive Reasoning. Deductive Reasoning works backwards like a jigsaw puzzle or a Crossword puzzle. Both puzzles give you the big picture and ask you to figure out the details.

Inductive Reasoning allows us to have a bunch of details and be able to KNOW (and SEE) what the result will be if we construct them in a particular way. In other words, we are able to reason with some detailed facts given to us and then come up with a concept or principal. Inductive Reasoning works forwards.

Let's get back to that glass we are looking at. It is filled half-way with liquid. Is it half full.... or half empty? All reasoning aside, the answer depends on your Perception. MY perception is that the glass is 100% full; one half liquid and one half air!

Here's how I figured that:

My Inductive Reasoning tells me that there is a glass, there is liquid and there is air in the part of the glass that does NOT have any liquid, therefore the glass is 100% full. I added up all the details to come to my conclusion, using my Perception.

My Deductive Reasoning tells that I am looking at a glass which is filled with 1/2 liquid, but that the liquid has displaced something, and that something is air. So, if one part of the glass is now filled with liquid, the other part must be filled with the substance that was replaced by the water :-) Alas, the glass is 100% full!

Perception is a tricky thing, my friend. We are programmed to use it the way other people want us to think. Nurture your own perception and make sure that you are always using it with expectation, intuition and an open mind! Acknowledge your perception, hone your skill in using it and be sure that you learn to trust what you see. Learn and understand the differences between Inductive and Deductive Reasoning and incorporate BOTH skills in to your perception.

Any circumstance or situation in life creates the opportunity to use your perception to determine HOW you will take action towards that opportunity. Every situation is an opportunity IF we perceive is as one. So each time the Universe provides an opportunity, remember that you can CHOOSE to look on it positively, or negatively and choose to see YOUR GLASS as 100% full!

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

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