Monday, April 28, 2008

Compassionate Marketing Lessons from the Running Trail

I started Running again last week! It's been 4 years since I last ran my daily 5 Kilometers twice a day. I stopped running after 5 years because I got "dizzy" on that last 99 degree day and almost didn't make it home. When I run, my body temperature goes up about 15 degrees! It was SCARY and I couldn't bring myself to get back to one of the things I loved best because of that fear!

Know what I mean?

For me, running clears my head, allows me to hear myself think and allows me to work out and focus on my plan of action for the day. It allows me to focus on my daily, weekly, monthly and long term goals. NOT running has taken its toll on the way my days shake out :-(

So, back to beautiful Town Lake in Downtown Austin Texas (The Colorado River runs right through downtown) where one can embrace nature, the flowers and fauna and clean out the cobwebs in your mind. Some bike the trail, some walk and some are running. ALL are experiencing their own "daily mental cleanse" no matter which activity they do.

What about you?

What are YOU doing to clean out your brain and keep planning and DOING on a daily basis?

A funny thing happened today on the trail. Actually, 3 things, all related.

First I saw a BEAUTIFUL Doberman Pinscher puppy, only about 12 weeks old. He had just had his ears "clipped" (ouch!) and probably shouldn't have been there. He was cowering in between his owners' legs while the bikes whizzed by, the people ran past and the walkers meandered on their way. This puppy was SCARED of all of it. The noises, the smells, the din! There was just much too much going on for this little fella. His name was Adler. I wanted desperately to go over to him and get some licks and pet him but as I quietly inched my way up to him, stopping and cooing his name every foot or so, he got more and more upset. His "owner", a young lady who had never had pets before (and was certainly NOT a Mother) did not understand that Adler was scared, or why. She kept on pulling him on.

I am an animal lover, and although I share my living space with Sweet Pea an English Siamese Cat, this beautiful, large pawed, two toned reddish brown Dobie baby was calling to me. Alas, I couldn't get near him!

~~What did he make of all the confusion?

~~What did he make of the person who he was supposed to trust and rely on for support, love and caregiving?

~~What did he think of himself?

Adler has not been empowered by his "owner" nor has he been embraced or given the option to learn the skills that will make him a strong, empowered, secure pet/animal/sentient being.

What about you?

The second thing that happened on the trail today was when I was sprinting a section of the path and suddenly found myself in a fit of giggles so hard I had to stop. Coming towards me was a runner with her dog on a lead. THIS dog was, get ready............part dachsund and part wire haired terrior. Looooooooooong and standing about 4 inches from the ground he had curly white hair like a terrior with spots of brown and black. His tail was long and his ears were held in a way that didn't allow them to flop as he ran with his human.

THIS animal was a king amongst kings! He was REGAL in his trot AND the way he carried his head. He was secure in who he was and was enjoying the moment. He KNEW he was perfect and exuded that to all those who looked (and giggled) as they gazed on him.

What about you?

The third thing that I experienced today was, on this trail teaming with animals and their humans trotting, running, sprinting, walking and older gent MEANDERING down the running trail at a snails' pace with his cane. I had stopped a few yards behind him to catch me breath and ponder the water, the birds and marvel at the clarity that overwhelmed me. Slowly, I approached this old fellow. He methodically put one foot in front of the other and then moved his cane. He then stopped to admire a bird, flower, or the flow of the Colorado River. It's been storming here the last few days and the river is high and pregnant with life. SO WAS THIS Older fellow. I stopped along side him and said "howdy" ( the customary hello in Austin) and he smiled, slowing down even further. I asked him if he was enjoying his walk and he beamed with pride, self assurance, perseverence and the knowledge that HE WAS DOING JUST WHAT HE INTENDED on doing for the day! We chatted briefly, I hailed goodbye and was off...... but will never forget the three lessons I learned today.

They are all related.

You ARE what you THINK you are.

It is all about your SELF IMAGE and

what you THINK about yourself.

Adler the Grand Doberman Pinscher puppy wil never be secure or loving. He is a sad, cowering little puppy with no support from his human owner.

My little Dauchsie/Terrier mix IS a king among kings; grand, secure, eloquent in his movement and the way he carried himself, poised and sure of himself.

My elderly Gent eclipsed them all in lessons today. He accomplished what he set out to do today.

All three ARE what they think they are!

What about you?

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

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