Saturday, April 12, 2008

Finding Your Inner Truth

Where do we find our inner truth?

The last several weeks find me cultivating and growing a new friendship. Each conversation reveals a little more about my friend, AND myself. You see, as we "tell stories" about ourselves, our lives, our families, we are imprinting what WE BELIEVE to be true on to others, and the Universe.

We have studying Perception, and know that perhaps, what we THOUGHT we saw, felt, tasted, experienced, may not have been exact or even true! We each bring our perceptions to our present and past, so it is important to keep that in mind.

Find the truth FOR yourself IN yourself. Helen Mirin put it best, "Find the Truth OF yourself".

Finding the truth FOR yourself requires that you

1- have the Intention of being KIND to yourself

2- know that you are Worthy and Valuable

3- not be judgemental of yourself

4- be able to embrace yourself

5- be willing to celebrate WHO you are

Our individual identities are NOT a reflection of what others think we are. The chatter and the smog in our brain, emotions and psyche usually cloud our ability to recapture and REMEMBER exactly who we are.

Several exercises that will allow you to RECLAIM the ability to to that are:

1- remember when you were a small child, without preconceptions or prejudice. Remember the DELIGHT, the NEWNESS of an experience or thing, the simple pleausures like LAUGHTER and JOY. Now take a mental journey to a place you CREATE in your minds' eye and allow yourself to FEEL your emotions without judgement.

2- Realize that it is only you that controls your thoughts. We all have choices. Do not let ANYONE rent space in your brain. It is precious real estate my friend! Create your own "perfect day" or "perfect moment". Feel, smell, see, all the beauty and warm feelings that accompany your perfect moment or day. Allow yourself to be EMBRACED by the feelings and emotions.

3- KNOW and understand that your perfect day is a tool that you might use to BLOCK OUT any negative voice that creeps in to your brain. It's free, it's powerful, it's UNIQUE and it is you!

Finding the truth FOR yourself by looking INTO yourself and you will, as Helen Mirin put it best, "Find the Truth OF yourself" AND, as Shakespeak so eloquently and simply stated, "To Your Own Self Be True!"

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

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