Sunday, March 25, 2012

MLM Dirty Secret ~ Going Broke with Autoship

Tired of Lotions, Potions, Pills and

Monthly Autoships ?

Have you struggled year after year, maxing out your credit cards for mandatory monthly purchases
and afraid to stop ordering because you MIGHT make a few dollars?

FEAR OF LOSS is not only dangerous to your health my friends,
but can be devastating to your pocketbook too!

Those of you who know me know that I am PASSIONATE about a good nutritional company, BUT the economy is working against any company that requires monthly autoship right now and it is getting more difficult to become a "Maven" and teach people why YOUR nutritional is good for them.  Besides, these days it's not unusual to find people who are caught short at the end of the month and need that money to pay their phone bill or mortgage, and the autoship is the first thing that goes, along with your qualifications  SHOULD you make a few dollars!

We found The  Solution!

Now you can Earn $800.00 Commissions Every Day
With a One-Time $398 Purchase!

Years ago I was in a Travel program and found out Nothing beats a great Travel Program but ONLY if it's done right, offers Value and does NOT have monthly expenses or fees!

Recently my business partner and I found THE top notch travel company;

GTN Vacations

It OUT PAYS and OUT PERFORMS both Traverus Travel, Worldwide Ventures and what was once
YTB and is NOT a travel agent card program! The Membership  OUTPERFORMS and DELIVERS UNLIMITED Vacation weeks (unlike TimeShare where you have to plunk down $20-$50,000 for 1 or 2 weeks a year) with over 3 millions worldwide Resorts/Hotels/Cruises and more.

Now that I've found GTN I am back to do travel again. Why?....
It's all about timing and knowing the Ownership of the company -- if you don't know WHO you're doing business with, you're done before you start. For instance, ROI Travel is said by many to simply be a glorified gifting program I don't know about that but I DO know that ethics, a good track record and history and experience far surpasses those "IFFY" deals! GTN is SOOOO much easier and I have people under me already cycling and earning $800 -- and more, weekly!

GTN is a 2X2 Follow Me RECycler that Rocks... Only 6 People
run through the Matrix and it Pays $800 Dollars over and over!

Wealth Creators will understand the concept of Recurring Income and the
GTN INFINITY CODING BONUS has NO limitations or restrictions and
pays $50 to Infinity starting with your fourth sale!

NO other fees, EVER! Remember there is
only a One-Time $398 Membership Purchase
I made $800 dollars in my first two days, then $1600 within the next week.  More importantly the team is making money; averaging at least one $800 cycle weekly, and YOU could be one of them. So if you are tired of paying monthly autoships with no returns check out our program and then give me a call...

I am the Top Sales Producer and my team is Prospering. Be sure to check out the website. Get your questions answered by

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Call me with ANY questions you have. You can reach me at my home office 512.472.2604 or on my cell at 512.796.6144. I am happy to chat with you, answer your questions and help you determine whether GIVING UP your monthly autoship of $150-$300 to GAIN $800 a week (or more) would be beneficial to YOUR health AND your bank account!!

Pursue your dreams with Wild Abandon, and Take Action each and every Day!

RS Mallory
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