Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jumpstarting your Network Marketing Business in September

Even though ""The summer slowdown"" is a myth in Network Marketing, many people take advantage of summer to travel or spend time with family and friends. Whew! The kids are (almost) all back to school, and it's time to take a deep breath and regroup. It's time to jumpstart YOUR Network Marketing Business!

September is here and is a time to reactivate your prospecting efforts as well as contacting your leaders, customers and old prospects.

First things first!

1- Clear your workspace! Open up the door to your office (or workspace), dust, clean off yours desk, and organize your files.

2- Redo and reaffirm your short term and long term goals. Write them down and visit them daily.

3- Sit down with your family and brainstorm about the hours you will be working, and why this will value add to their lives. When you have the cooperation of your spouse and children and they are invested in your activities, you eliminate unwanted stress.

4- Set up & resume your Daily Personal Growth program, whether it be listening to CD's or reading a book; 15 minutes each morning and 15 minutes before you retire at night. Meditate or exercise at least 15 minutes a day to improve your focus.

5- Review the new contacts you made during the summer and include them in a prospect, business or customer list. Do NOT pre-judge anyone.

6- Revisit the "tools" that you are using to build your business; autosponders, email messages, other programs, phone systems (for better rates), etc.

7- Call your company or upline to find out about any new products and information that you may have missed. Learn about the new products and plug into trainings and plan to attend company events.

8-Contact your sponsor and let them know what your new goals are and enlist them in your efforts. If they are not available, go upline until you find someone willing to assist you. These days, Compassionate Marketers find themselves part of proactive teams with many different leaders available to anyone who might need assistance. Find out who is available on your team and contact them.

9- Find a workout buddy who WILL be available to you on a daily basis. Your Workout Buddy will motivate you and keep you on course. They can provide you with that essential "accountability factor" that many of us need to stay focused. You can set up friendly ""challenges"" or mini contests between you... a friendly race to the finish line (a particular goal) is always invigorating and invites focus and energy.

Remember that the economy is providing us with a plethora of potential business partners who are looking for a way to extend their income or define and work their "Plan B". Keep yourself open to visiting with new summer acquaintences AND set up a plan to REVISIT with old customers and prospects alike!

Ready, Set............jump right in and remember WHY you love what you do. Remind yourself of the advantages you can give your family, the lives you might change, and the gratitude we experience that is so inherent in being a successful network marketer!

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

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