Saturday, November 4, 2023

Home Parties are Still an Effective Way to Introduce your Products & Build Your Business

Remember years ago we were taught to do Home Parties? Everyone has a friend who was doing them and perhaps asked US to host one for them too. Mary Kay, Avon, Cutco (knives) Partylite Candles, etc.

Do you remember how much FUN you had either attending one or hosting one for your friends?

Yep, it's 2023 and Home Parties are still the most effective way to introduce people to either your business or your products!

We have gotten away from doing home parties because of the recent Pandemic, the fear of being in crowds AND the advent of "building your business on the Internet". Well, I am here to tell you that with all due respect to "building on the Internet". Hosting or Hostessing a Home Party is STILL an effective way to

1- Build your Business
2- Get Customers

Home Parties are a Natural Way to bring people together, help create and maintain personal relationships, and create an ongoing way to promote your business and HAVE FUN while you are doing it. Don't forget you don't need a reason to Host a party, but during the year there are many LIFECYCLE EVENTS that give us "an excuse" to having a party.

1- Birthdays

2- Engagements and Weddings

3- Births

4- New Home parties

5- Graduations (High School, College or Trade School)

6- Divorce Parties (lol)

7- Moving Parties

8- Anniversaries and Vow Renewal Parties

You get the idea :-)

You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to Host/Hostess a Party. All you need is to invite DOUBLE the amount of people you want to attend and request RSVP

Limit your Party to 2 hours

Serve refreshments but make sure it is duplicatable. DO NOT cater the party or make fancy things because other people will not be able to duplicate that.

Have an ample supply of your products(s) to demonstrate or gift and have a RAFFLE for some of your product. I Created a Raffle form with specific Questions to be answered so that I can use the information for future reference. ASK ME for my Raffle Form and I will be happy to share it with you :-)

You do NOT need experience to Host/Hostess a Home Party. All you need is to remember that you probably are already or have done it in the past with friends or relatives for the holidays or birthdays. The MAIN thing is to HAVE FUN and make sure your guests HAVE FUN TOO!

Here is a short video I did sharing all me Secrets to Hosting a Successful Home Party for your review.

Home parties lend themselves to EVERY type of Home Business, and even Internet based businesses and E Commerce businesses whose products are demonstratable :-)

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