Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do you Practice Safe Health?

What are Dangers of the Medical TV Commercial Disclaimer ?


I am an old Pharmacists Daughter. Daddy owned Store #1 Liggett Rexall way back when medicines were made from grinding up Herbs in a mortar and pestle and then he stuffed capsules, made tonics and salves. If you are at least 60 or so you remember these fabulous "drug stores" with luncheonette counters, candy counters called floes and the SMELL from the back where people like my Dad had bunches of herbs and was preparing his concoctions.

My passion for good HEALTH came from years of watching Daddy prepare these concoctions and sharing his knowledge with me. Then came the Pharmaceutical Houses in the 1960's,  like Johnson and Johnson, Pfeizer and others making TOXIC MEDICINES in laboratories.

The trouble with these medicines is that they don't help the body HEAL. They MASK whatever the problem is and in most cases they then HURT other organs in the body.

My 74 year old Auntie stopped taking her vitamins when my poor old Uncle passed on. She just threw them in the garbage. She went Cold Turkey! They were keeping her fit as a fiddle, but in 6 months time she was visiting the doctor every week! Each week he gave her A NEW toxic medicine, one to counter act the toxic effects of the last one. Her health really went downhill and no matter how much I talked with her, she told me "her doctor knew what he was doing" and besides, she wouldn't take any more vitamins!

MY disclaimer: there are some very good doctors out there who are going "Back To A Healthy Future" and taking up what are now called "alternative" remedies but in essence, the old fashioned way that my Dad concocted in his Liggett Rexall store all those years ago.

THEIR disclaimer: Be aware that (NAME OF MEDICINE) can cause acute Heart Failure, Kidney Failure or malfunction, Dizzyness, Disorientation (do not drive) dehydration, loss of appetite, lose of Sleep, your nose may fall off, lose of libido, rise in Blood Pressure or Sugar Levels, Blindness.

There ARE times when it is prudent to take a (toxic) medication and after CAREFULLY WEIGHING the results but we must ALL EDUCATE ourselves and KNOW what the downside and that we DO have other OPTIONS open to us.

When I moved to Austin many years ago the very FIRST thing I did was try to find a pharmacist that was in his 70's because he would know what my Dad knew and he would be much more knowledgeable about the toxic stuff AND the good remedies. Fortunately, I am in good health and do not require any medications, unlike my poor Auntie.

So before you or a loved one takes Cialis, Prozac, Cymbalta even Viagra or any of the THOUSANDS of other medicines that are being pushed down our throats on television..... be sure to EDUCATE yourself and understand that YOU can TAKE CHARGE of your own health starting right now! There are many effective alternative "remedies" available today. There are ways to Promote and Maintain good health well into the future.

My Passion is alive and well, and if you would care to discuss or learn more about Practicing Safe Health, or might be available to you, please feel free to contact me, anytime.

Live WELL and Prosper!

RS Mallory 
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