Friday, September 28, 2007

What can you learn from Atlas Shrugged?

I am REreading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. You may have read it in your lifetime; this is my 6th or 7th REread over mine. I highly suggest you make this your NEXT book. Since I've read it so many times I have a mental picture, a literal "picture" running in my conscious with expectations of what I will read next as I turn each page. Life, "coming home", or at least what "coming home" SHOULD BE, what I remember and what I am reading anew is NOT the same.

What is the difference?



Personal Growth.

You see life happens and our lives are shaded by our own personal experiences.

Those of us who are deliberate are on a path of Conscious Personal Developement. I was going to use the word "fortunate" but that's just the thing; we who are goal oriented, passionate about our lives, our families, our successes are NOT fortunate, we are Deliberate Creators embarking on a step by step journey that BECOMES (and IS) our life! Our Perception, as we grow become shaded with all the experiences that we embrace along our journey. Our experiences and perceptions of those experiences will never change WHO we are if we are TRUE to our own beliefs, values and mores.

I invite you to meet Dagny, Francisco, Hank, John Galt :-) and the other characters that are simple NOT characters............they are US. They are what we should be and we, as Compassionate Marketers, are them. Stellar, focused, ethical people who are, underneath it all, Compassionate Marketing cousins. Their concern, caring & power springs from a motivation that is for their fellow humans who are like minded and will never accept anything less than a common set of beliefs, values and mores. They are deliberate creators who aresorting through the chafe and attracting like minded people to build a strong enduring world (team). They are the gathering of like minds who perpetuate old fashioned, stable and secure values that will build them a world that will flourish and grow.

What about you?

If you've not ever read Atlas Shrugged I invite you to do so. If you HAVE read it then I invite you to REread it now :-) I know that you will celebrate the triumphof human spirit, the pain and self awareness of personal growth and the exhilaration of embracing your own power.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The many Faces of Perception

You are who you THINK you are :-) Really?

My Step Dad recently had a mini stroke and had the big artery “roto rootered” because of a 90% blockage.

We have been talking every day since then. I know him since I was 14 years old and he is a very large part of my life even though we have not been close in the past 20 Years or so. My Mom recently passed away and so I have been “repairing the relationship” with my Step Dad. I won’t bore you with family details, but I suddenly realized that there is a Life Lesson in what is happening NOW and it can and SHOULD BE applied to all of us as Compassionate Marketers :-)


Families being what they are, it has been MY perception that my Step Dad really didn’t care about me thus did not pay attention to anything about me.

Yesterday we were talking on the phone and I mentioned that I had recently been awarded a Top Builder’s Award from my company.

This is what he said to me; “You know RS, I always knew you were a terrific “sales” person.” But LISTEN to what he said next…. “I remember when you were 18 and had come for dinner. You were selling Colliers Encyclopedias back then. “(I ran a team of people who sold these great books door to door!)

He continued,

“We were almost ready to sit down for dinner and you asked if we could wait about 15 – 30 minutes or so because you had been chatting with Mr. Jimmie the Superintendent of our building and he wanted to know more about the Set of Encyclopedias. You went downstairs to speak with Mr. Jimmie and came back up for Dinner in 17 minutes and had sold the set to Mr. Jimmie and his family! You were so very excited RS. I remember because I congratulated you on your sale and YOU said that it was so great that Mr. Jimmie’s children would have the opportunity to learn from these great books because it would give them a better start in school and they would get better grades and have better opportunities!” He continued, “I was impressed that you were more excited about the future of Mr. Jimmie’s children than making the sale. I knew you had a great future ahead of you and whatever you did would involve helping others.”

WOW! My Step Dad, all these (4) DECADES later (yeah, I am that old, lol) remembers AND respects me for my talents, even now.

Perception IS everything and I have been operating under the perception that my Step Dad

1- did not consider me part of the family
2- care about or take notice of my accomplishments
3- did not feel that my accomplishments were worthy or valuable

A friend has recently suggested that when someone has a stroke that different parts of the brain become ACTIVATED and memories come flooding in. My NEW perception however, is that I have a Step Dad who never knew how to express his feelings and even though he may have cared about me all these years, he had never expressed those feelings. (He waited 40 years until our conversation the other day to tell me how proud of me he was/is)


1- We do not have control over OTHER peoples feelings or Actions, but we sure DO have control over our own perceptions, feelings and actions.

2- What things have happened in your life that are stopping you from believing in yourself and taking action on things that you want and dream about?

3- What people in your life may think you are special but don’t know how to express themselves?

4- What are you DOING to grow yourself (personal development) and understand that it is YOUR PERCEPTION of the world around you and YOUR PERCEPTION of an encounter with someone as a Compassionate Marketer that really matters.

If you care about others and have the desire to Help people Live their Dreams they will FEEL your sincerity and be comfortable and want to be around you. For whatever reasons, it took my Step Dad 40 years to reach out to me, and it took the same 40 years for me to take a step back and change MY perception by paying attention, being caring and listening with my heart!

You see you ALREADY ARE everything you want to be. You just have to take action and believe!

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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Monday, September 17, 2007

When does the Relationship Begin?

Are you a Professional Network Marketer?

Are you in a Service Industry?

Are you a Waitress?

Are you a Physician?

Are you a Milkman? (oops, I’m showing my age)

Are you a Plumber or Electrician?

Are you a Stockbroker?

Are you a Teacher?

It really does not matter WHAT profession or vocation you area in, what matters is how Successful you are. These days Success is usually defined as “having allot of money” however the REAL definition should be how many people you help to better their own lives. This can only happen when you are a Compassionate Marketer and know that the REAL secret to your personal success is in “Helping people Live their Dreams”, giving them a solution to a challenge, taking a genuine interest in them and helping to make their lives better J

Hmmmm, how does one DO that? By consciously having the DESIRE to take an interest in the person and then take ACTION to build a relationship with them. Building a relationship gives you insight into the persons’ needs, requirements, desires, dreams and goals. Once you can define THEIR needs you can better serve them.

The underlying question is then “When does the Relationship Begin?”

If you are a Waitress the relationship building begins with the first, “Hello may I help you?” Ask any Waitress who has a following; customers who will only sit at HER tables when they come to that particular restaurant. WHY? Because she has taken an interest in them, knows their favorite foods, is courteous, warm and INTERESTED in them J She always wears a smile and carries a big heart.

If you are a Physician the relationship building begins with the first, “Hello, what is bothering you today and how may I help you?” Ask any Physician who has built a huge practice with many generations of families coming to him. This Physician has taken the time to get to know each and every patient, their family members and takes an ACTIVE interest in their well-being. He/she is courteous, warm and INTERESTED in them. He wears a big smile and is never rushed.

If you are a Teacher the relationship building begins with the first “Hello, my name is Miss Smith, what’s your name?” Ask any teacher and she will tell you that taking an interest in each child, getting to KNOW them, their family histories, their talents, likes and dislikes is the essential factor that helps in establishing and building relationship with each child. This person always wears a big smile and is eager to sovle any challenge or problem that a child may have.

If you are a Professional Network Marketer the relationship building begins with the first “Hello, my name is Miss Smith” (on the phone or in person) a huge smile, the firm shake of a hand and showing a genuine interest in the prospect rather than “getting them in the deal. “ Taking the time to get to know a persons’ needs, their family’s dreams and goals and their circumstance sends a signal that you VALUE the person you are speaking with rather than looking at them like they are a tasty $$ Dollar sign to be added to your bank account.

Each of these professions has an opportunity to establish RELATIONSHIP at the very first encounter. What happens next is up to YOU.

1- Take an interest in the person (prospect/customer/client/distributor)

2- Put them FIRST and take your time getting to know them

3- Never rush through an encounter or meeting and allow proper time

4- Establish (in your own mind) if your “opportunity” is a good match with your prospect

5- If not, then network with someone else and REFER your prospect to another person. Life has a funny way of coming full circle and you never know what may happen as a result of a sincere referral.

6- Remember your prospect/customer/client/distributors and send Life Cycle greeting cards or a short note to let them know that they MATTER to you.

7- Smile, be sincere and express gratitude for all that you attract in to YOUR life and others will FEEL the gratitude and want to be part of your life :-)

The Secret to Success is not amassing large amounts of money, rather, it is being able to look back and be grateful for myriad opportunities to Help people Live their Dreams, help them solve their problems and share their journey and teach them along the way so that they may teach others.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,


RandiSusan Mallory

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Goal Setting; Does Life get in the Way?

Does Life get in the Way?

We all know that we must set a Goal for ourselves, whether it be for our Home based business or even our personal lives. There are lots of articles on Goal Setting; how to, what to say, and how to stay focused. Lots of people Are making money selling you articles or “programs” so that you can “Stick to” Your goals.

The truth is that goal setting and KEEPING your goal activities is very simple IF you understand what might derail you :-)

Here are a few reasons that you might put your goals aside:

1- Your Vision is not clear
2- You do not believe you are worthy
3- “Life” gets in the way
4- You do not persevere
5- It’s easier to quit than to take one step at a time towards your goal

Your Vision

What is your personal vision? Is it physical, spiritual, business, personal?

Whatever YOUR vision is you will know it because you will TASTE IT, SMELL IT And FEEL IT just as if it is already yours!

1- Write a VISION STATEMENT and post it on your VISION BOARD (some people call it a DREAM BOARD). Be sure your written Statement is clear with ALL the details of your vision. If you want to build a home for instance, make sure all the details are included in your statement; size of lot, location, the view from each room, colors of rooms, dimensions, exposure etc.

2- Be sure and include your activities as if you are already living in the home; be very specific.

3- Be sure to write your Vision Statement in the NOW (present tense)

On Being Worthy/Self Esteem

Working on our self-esteem is on ongoing process. Most of us have some kind of “Gotcha’s” living in our heads. May be we hear our Aunt or a parent telling us that we are “not able” or will “never be able” to do be successful. Consider that we most ALWAYS live up to those voices; it is called Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

1- Start your own Personal Growth, it’s easy! Read or listen to tapes for at least 30 minutes daily. Here are some great titles to get you started:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
TNT the Power Within You by Claude Bristol ****
7 Habits of Successful People by Stephen Covey
Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

We can use Self Fulfilling Prophecy to turn our lives in to a Positive stream of energy rather than derailing us and keeping us from attaining our goals. Each day that you read and absorb these details and concepts and PUT THEM IN TO PRACTICE you are becoming a stronger and more successful person J

Does Life get in the Way?

Make yourself your own Number 1 priority. Go ahead, it’s okay. Did you know that most of the baby boomers were taught that it was selfish of them to ask for something for themselves or even make themselves a priority? Not True!! In fact, JUST THE REVERSE IS TRUE. Putting yourself first, ASKING for what you want is just the thing that will INITIATE the energy of the Universe and help you move towards your goals.

Make YOURSELF and your GOALS a priority and then TAKE ACTION; move forward and do not lose sight of what you want or where you are going.

Perseverence & The Easy way Out!

Remember, your goals are YOURS and you are able to achieve anything you desire as long as you believe you are worthy and able. Working on yourself is an ongoing, lifetime process. Attaining your goals usually doesn’t take a lifetime. The trick is NOT TO QUIT and keep moving forward towards your goal. If you DO this, you NEVER lose :-)

I recently spoke at a Leadership Summit and told the audience, “Whatever you think you want to be YOU ALREADY ARE; you simply need to take the Actions to bring it in to your reality. Whatever you want to attain you need only to take the Actions to bring it in to Your reality for it is already here waiting for you”

This is YOUR Life! Don’t let it get in the way; make it whatever you want it to be!

**** To receive a FREE Ebook please contact me to make your appointment for a one on one coaching session

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