Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Keys to your Success

Your dreams are your own. Nobody else has YOUR specific goals and dreams.

YOU hold the key to your own success in manifesting your dreams and goals.

How do you DO that? (DO is an action word)

1- ACKNOWLEDGE your goals and dreams

2- Allow them free reign in your heart, soul, brain, subconscious AND Conscious thoughts

3- Write down your goals and dreams and post them all over (your work area, living space, car etc)

4- DO 15-30 minutes of personal development EVERY DAY (tapes, cds, books, meditation, affirmations

5- Remember that your dreams belong to YOU and only you. Be Audacious, bold and daring and be prepared to step OUT of your comfort zone to move forward every day towards your dreams and goals.

6- BE single minded and FOCUSED on your dreams and goals; do not let any one dissuade you or tarnish your dream. COVET YOUR DREAMS and KNOW that they are already yours. It is your job to attract them to you.

Remember that it is the Journey that counts and once you attain your goals and dreams you will give birth to another and another. PAY ATTENTION to the little things that occur daily. THEY are the stuff that dreams are made of :-)

7- Practice The Slight Edge. Take baby steps, every single day.

Contact me for a free Slight Edge Chart and be sure and read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

Remember, whatever you want to be you ALREADY ARE.

Look inside yourself and BELIEVE.

When you take action you invite the Universe to orchestrate things, people and events that will bring your dreams and goals to you. BE KIND TO YOURSELF and others; BE a Compassionate Marketer.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,


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