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How to Get and Retain your Customers

Customer retention is a very important part of Network Marketing.

If your present company does NOT have a Retail plan in place, then you should ask them to initiate one. Retail Sales is the life's blood of building Long Term Recurring Income.

My good friend "Big Al" Tom Schreiter calls affiliate/distributors and Customers alike USERS. What this means is that your compensation plan and company should provide for an equal amount of compensation for your product being used (ordered) by either the distributor OR Customer.

So how DO you KEEP your customers? Well, first you have to get them :-)

When I chat with people and they tell me they have a health challenge, the first thing I do is LISTEN.

A Compassionate Marketer will LISTEN to the prospective customer. Go ahead, let them talk! The more they talk the more you LEARN about what their needs are.

Perhaps you learn that their children have special requirements. Perhaps their Grandmother has diabetes or arthritis or needs a hearing aide.

Once they are done talking I always ask them "would you like to do something about that?" Yes? Great! Then I mention whichever product might serve them well or ask if their Grandmother would be interested in something that would help her.

Now your prospect is a customer. There are several steps I take right away. You may want to do them too.

1- Keep a log of all your customers including name, date of purchase, product, delivery date, Thank You date, Re-order date etc. Be sure and note the items in #7. You can use a a spreadsheet or an old fashioned card file (like a recipe card box) which is what I use)

2- SEND a Hand Written THANK YOU note. Yep! That's right. Go buy a package or three of Thank You notes from the grocery store or order personal ones from Vista Print but BE SURE and send out that Thank you note within the first few days. It should arrive before or when the product arrives.

3- Follow up with your customer (PHONE CALL) when the product arrives to make sure they know EXACTLY how to take it and then ask if you can check back in a few days to see how they are doing. (Calendar a call for a few days later.)

4- Follow up with ANOTHER Call about 5-7 days later to find out how the customer is feeling or doing with your product. This is the time that you can suggest any adjustments to the usage regime for a more effective outcome. If necessary, schedule another follow up call.

5- Calendar a follow up call for three weeks later (when the re-order should be due) to chat and remind the customer that a re-order is imminent. You might say, "I am so glad that you are feeling ............using our product. I see that you are due for a refill next week. Shall I process your order for you so that you won't run out, or would you like to do the reordering yourself on my website?" Most people will be thrilled that you contacted them and will give you the reorder right on the spot.

6- Once the re-order is complete send out another Thank you note specifically for the re-order. THIS TIME mention that your company has a convenient REFILL program so that the product will be delivered to them without them having to manually process the order. You may also include a bit of literature about another product that you feel your customer has an interest in OR send them a sample of another product.

**This is an important step because MANY people will agree to the refill program (AUTOSHIP) however they will state that they WANT TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOU. That's the Secret! Make sure you assure them that you will be in touch with them and DO SO. Calendar a once a month "hello" call with them.

7- Be sure and jot down any Life Cycle events for your customer such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, kids/spouse birthdays etc. and SEND A CARD to them. Use the US mail rather than an electronic card. This is a lots art and your customer will NEVER forget that you send them cards. Sending cards equals LONG TERM RETENTION. It is customer service at its finest!

8- Develop a short Newsletter for your Customers and send it out once a month. Highlight a product by offering some information about it first. Two or three paragraphs is suitable. BEFORE you close your newsetter and almost as an afterthought you my say, "For more information about this product please go to " The PURPOSE of this little newsletter is to EDUCATE people about other products that you have. They may not order now, but they might KNOW SOMEONE who needs the nformation/product. To that end you might set up your own

9- Customer referral program and let your customers know that you appreciate referrals. Now a LIFETIME customer is a valuable asset and it is not necessary to "convert them" to distributor status. You might reward your customer for referrals by giving them an occasional free product. Everyone likes something for nothing :-)

10- Don't' forget to SMILE when you are on the phone with your Customer and ALWAYS call them as scheduled. Courtesy, caring and hands on customer service will ensure customer retention.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

What is Network Marketing?

There are no secrets to Network Marketing.

It's not magic and you don't have to be a Magician to be successful.

Network Marketing is simply another way to market products.

We are all used to "Direct Sales".

Remember the Kirby Vacuum cleaner guy?

Remember the Fuller Brush man?

They were Direct Marketers just like a phone company calling you
to ask if you want to switch to their phone company.

Network Marketing is really REFERRAL MARKETING.

Have you sent your child to a great camp and told your friends and neighbors?

Tried a new bottle of beer or wine and loved it so much that you told all your buddies?

Send your kids to a great school?

Purchased a bubble bath that left your skin soooooooo beautiful and soft that you
called all your girlfriends and told them about it? What about a lipstick or mascara?

Did you purchase a new car from a Dealer that DIDN'T HASSLE YOU? I bet you told
ALL YOUR FRIENDS about this terrific car dealer.

These are all examples of REFERRAL MARKETING.

Network Marketing in Referral Marketing at it's best; it PAYS you for
all your product and service referrals! Imagine that! Getting paid for referring
people to products and services that you already like and are using :-)

J. Paul Getty (The Steel Magnet) was once overheard saying: "I would
rather have 1% of the efforts of 1000 men than 100% of my own efforts".

WHY? Because each of us can only contact and know a limited amount of people.

J. Paul Getty understood that if you LEVERAGE your efforts by helping other
people get what they want, then you create a win-win situation!

Want to know more about Network Marketing and creating long term recurring
income for YOUR family? Watch this 5 minute explanation

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successful in Network Marketing.

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