Monday, March 4, 2013

How to write an eyecatching advertisement

SOOO many people are on the internet and writing "adverts" these days. How do you differential yourself from them?

Here are a few simple steps, and an example :-)

1- Decide who your Target Market is and write for THEM

2- Practice writing to keep your advert clear and concise and no more than a few sentences

3- Include Who, What, Why and How

Who- who needs your product or service?

What- what IS your product or service?

Why- Why do they need it?

How- How do the get your product or service or more information


4- Find a way to make your advertisement (and you) stand out. I use humor.

Some people don't want to talk on the phone and only want to read on the Internet. Provide them with an information page or a Lead Capture Page with a but of information. Use either an AUTORESPONDER or, MY preference, personal response via email**

Here is an example of a good advert covering all of the 3 tips above.

"Looking for men, women and children of all ages (newborn through 90's) who live IN a BODY and have Health Challenges. No challenge too small or large! Our Laminine product AWAKENS your own Stem Cells & then Repairs & Rejuvenates your body from the Inside Out! All Customers welcome and we extend Wholesale pricing to All. NO "Club Fees" . For more information visit OR for PERSONAL SERVICE call 512.472.2604"

** Personal response is my preference because it helps to develop relationship with your potential client. Most people don't DO that any more and it differentiates you from everyone else!

Practice writing ads until they incorporate all the tips above and find a way to make yourself or your product or service stand out and you will be successful! Once you get the hang of it, have fun and keep TESTING your advertisements until one catches fire. Then reproduce that ad!

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Remember, Pursue your dreams with Wild Abandon, and Take Action each and every Day!

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