Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Do You Have a Vanishing Sponsor ??

Several people have recently asked me what they should do when their sponsor or enroller "vanishes". It struck me that this problem could have been eliminated if we would take a few steps BEFORE we enroll with a particular person. Here they are, and don't forget; It Is NEVER TOO LATE FOR YOUR SUCCESS. Do not Quite.... Keep Your Mind's Eye on YOUR GOALS and you WILL get there!

1- Pick you sponsor wisely. Are they experienced? Successful (whatever that means to YOU) Are they committed to YOUR success or are you just $$ to them? Are the Actively engaged in the business or is it a hobby for them?

All the answers to these questions will give you insights into whether or not they will be ABLE to

~ assist you,
~ teach you,
~ train you
~ and be motivated to help YOU succeed rather than putting money in THEIR pocket.

Too frequently, people join a company with the 1st person that calls them and has the ability to "close them". Always take a step back, learn about the program, the pay plan, the products AND most importantly the person who has called you. ALWAYS ask questions of the potential sponsor to make sure that they will meet YOUR criteria.

I would rather work with someone who is engaged and working daily, who has an interest in MY success because they know that if they help ME they help themselves than (not) work with a million dollar earner who is not accessible, or a hobbyist.

All that being said, YOUR SUCCESS is up to YOU, not your sponsor. Here are a few tips for orphaned distributors:

2- Go upline until you find someone willing to work with and help you. If you can't see who they are in your back office call the home office and ask for the names of several upline leaders. They may not give you their contact info but you can ASK for them to call you. The ones who DO call you are the ones you will consider.

3- Find yourself one of two "silent mentors". Read (or listen to CD's if you prefer), Learn, Expand and Grow. BECOME the leader that you do not have.

MY silent mentor is Brian Tracy. There are many; I prefer and relate to his personality. Look him up on Google and start reading his books, get his CD's and study. Again, your plan should be for YOU to Learn, Expand and Grow & BECOME the leader that you do not have.

4- I suggest reading TNT The Power Within You by Claude Bristol. I have read it at least 13 times and each time I re-read it I learn something new, because I am different each time I read it!   If you would like the complementary ebook, please email with your name, email and phone number, and the company you are presently associated with.

Let your sponsor know that you will expect engagement with you and find out what times they are available to help you. Always respect their time yet use your initiative and if you need them unexpectedly, reach out for them, don't wait for them to call you.

Don't Forget that if YOU want to Succeed that you must be Accountable and Take Action yourself. Your sponsor should be able to give you Action Steps to take and welcome your being accountable to them AS WELL AS YOURSELF.

If you need further assistance or have questions, please give me a jingle. I am always happy to help an orphaned rep (from any company).

RS Mallory
Compassionate Marketing
512.472.2604, Country Code 001, CST