Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Secret to Building and Maintaining Instant Relationships

My number one rule is Practice Abundance, Prosperity and KINDNESS, every day!

When I chat with a prospect or someone I meet on the street, I always LISTEN toWHAT and HOW they are expressing themselves. When you are prepared to LISTEN you find out much more about folks than they might reveal to you than if you keep on interrupting them. Why is that? People are frazzled and have hecticlives. They no longer have or develop communication skills and yet they are STARVED for a kind word, or for someone to just let them "chat away".


Let the person know that you have HEARD them by repeating a simple phrase back to them, or changing the words around a bit. LISTENING is a lost art, and those of us who develop the TALENT for LISTENING are richly rewarded with developing many relationships. Compassionate Marketers have a truly remarkable advantage. YOUR team mates should be a closely knit family; one that is CARING and CONSIDERATE of people and their lives. People are searching for and yearning to live better, longer and more fruitful lives.

Are YOU listening?

Yes, people are frazzled and have hectic lives. Since most people no longer have developed communication skills they become STARVED for a kind word AND they are starved for someone caring enough to show them how they & their families might lead more healthful and rich lives. Pay attention! LISTENING and CARING will avail YOU the opportunity to create a bond with someone new, it gives you the blessing of being able to help them, simply by LISTENING.

It has been said that being able to develop relationships will put you on the road to success in ANY business. Listening and CARING about the other person are the seeds that will initiate and maintain those relationships, whether personal or business.

Start listening with a CARING ear, and you will be amazed at how your life suddenly overflows with people who want to BE WITH YOU or BE INVOLVED WITH YOUR BUSINESS.

Make sure that you Practice Abundance, Prosperity and kindness, EVERY DAY!

Communication skills are so very important, and most people do not take the time to develop or learn about communicating with others. The biggest part of communications IS listening, or Watching, or Feeling, but not with your ears or eyes, but with your heart!

TIPS: If you are physically with someone, then always Shake their hand firmly (but not hard) and say something like, "It is very nice to meet you" and be SURE to use their first name! ALWAYS look them straight in the eyes and put a big SMILE on your face. People always react positively to a smile. Always start a generic conversation with the person; perhaps about their family, pet or other subject—then LISTEN to them intently to get the cues you will need to know WHAT they WANT in their lives, what is MISSING in their lives, and how you MIGHT BEST HELP THEM achieve their goals. If you LISTEN carefully, all these things will be revealed.

Maintaining mini relationships is easy to do. Keep a file of your conversations, details such as family members, Life Cycle Events such as Birthdays, Graduations and Anniversaries, etc. and send a little NOTE or CARD to mark the occasion. THANK YOU notes are a must; it is a lost art and people will remember you for taking a moment to honor them. When I send out Thank You notes, I always include a packet or two of one of my products to let them know that I wish them health AND prosperity!

You might include a sample of your product or a coupon for your sevices With every contact you make, and ALWAYS refer back to something they related or mentioned to you in the last conversation. This ONE ACTION is worth its weight in Gold and signals that you CARE ABOUT and actually LISTEN to the person with whom you are speaking. Here is an example of how this works: Perhaps this person has Arthritisin their hands. I might ask them how their hands are feeling today. This might even be a perfect opportunity to ask if they "would like to do something about" the pain in their hands. I learned this simple and effective question from "Big Al" Tom Schreiter. Here's the best part; when they say "yes" it is an invitation to let them know about a a product that might help them.

If you are not physically with someone and calling them on the telephone or perhaps conversing on the computer, you may still open up a generic but thoughtful conversation. Again, LISTEN to what the other person is SHARING with you. They are handing you the keys to your success if you are listening with your heart. One more thing; Practice Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY and you life will be blessed one thousand fold!

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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Why Compassionate Marketing?

Because I have been an Educator, Corporate Executive and Network Marketer it was a natural step to develop Compassionate Marketing. I presently Coach, Mentor & Teach people how to BECOME a better more effective person so that they might pursue their own financial goals and dreams successfully AND TEACH OTHERS how to do the same thing through Compassionate Marketing. Teaching little kids was fun; teaching Big kids (adults) how to BE little kids is even more fun. If you do NOT have Joi du Vie (Joy) in your life, if you do NOT have Laughter in your life, if you are struggling to no end, then you will appreciate and value the lessons you will learn with Compassionate Marketing :-) BE more and you BECOME more.

Do you practice "The Slight Edge"?

Are you "10 feet tall and Bulletproof"?

Are you a "deliberate creator" ??

If the answer to any of those questions is NO, then I would love to speak with you to help you attain YOUR goals and dreams. There in NO CHARGE andI have NO Agenda. I will help you with your present company/endeavor. You may also download my free gift,

Success in 10 Steps

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness, EVERY DAY

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