Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Real meaning of Labor Day

We are celebrating Labor Day weekend and what better way than to acknowledge and celebrate the Legions of Entrepreneurs that helped to build our country.

Our Grandparents and their parents came from far off lands to make their fortunes AND build a future for their family. America WAS, AND STILL IS, The Land of Milk and Honey for those who Believe in themselves, Have a dream and are willing to Take Action!

They came as Artisans, Bakers, Carpenters, Craftsmen, Farmers, Peddlers, Seamstress, Tinkers, Tailors, Bankers, and unskilled laborers. They each had a desire, a hunger, and a BELIEF that this Country afforded them the opportunity to succeed. They TOOK ACTION, whether it was pushing a cart of old clothes on the East Side of New York, brewing pickles in barrels in a friends backyard garage, traveling “the hinterlands” or new cities selling their pots and pans or setting up a stall or store in one of the new and growing cities.

They each had A DREAM, TOOK ACTION and PERSEVERED until their dream was achieved!

Sears Catalog started with one mans dream and the knowledge that people were scattered all over this Country and would purchase his products through MAIL ORDER. Today, Sears in one of the best Entrepreneurial success stories ever, not to mention one of the most well known billion dollar companies in the world.

Book Peddlers became conglomerates like Brantanos, Barnes and Noble and the world famous New York Bookstore!

Pickle makers grew to be well known corporations like Vlasik, Batempte, Heinz and it was a Hotdog pushcart fellow that created Hebrew National a world reknown purveyor!

Levi & Strauss started selling denim pants (Jeans) back in the Conestoga Wagon days, traveling all over the then USA and the Wild West AND in the growing cities.

All Entrepeneurs……all with a dream……..all persevered……. All Took Action !

Look Back to see your future!

Here in 2010 we find ourselves living in tenuous economic times. Just today, The New York Times posted an article quoting the US Labor Department about the growth, or lack of growth in our beloved country also stating that the private sector added 67,000 jobs in August, with some of the strongest gains in health care, food service and temporary help. US chief economist Josh Shapiro states, “Labor markets are KIND OF treading water…”

Entrepreneurs with a dream and a passion understand that NOW is the time for them to help RECLAIM our country in these stressful economic times AND RECLAIM their OWN financial security!

Their vehicle of choice, and yours should be through Network Marketing. It is the number one choice of a growing number of traditional business men and women, unskilled and skilled folks, the educated and non-educated alike, tradesmen and women including super business entrepreneurs like Donald Trumph, Robert Kiowsaki, Warren Buffett, Dr. Charles King and more.

~~The REAL meaning of Labor Day should be to honor all those who came before us who helped to build our beloved country with their enthusiasm, spirit, dreams, vision, perseverance and action.

~~The REAL meaning of Labor Day CAN BE a turning point for you and your family if YOU realize that Network Marketing is the ONLY business platform today that will avail you the opportunity to build your future without investing a thousands and thousands of dollars in time, education or franchise fees.

~~The REAL meaning of Labor Day SHOULD BE a breath of fresh air for you and your family because it can not only reshape your financial future, but it will contribute to the salvation of the Capitalistic Spirit of our beloved USA and help save her from these failing economic times.

Now, more than ever, it is important for folks to be able to learn fundamental skills that will help them select a good solid company and have a place to go to help guide them on a generic basis.........

Do not hesitate. Make a decision to find a company that matches your personality and passions. MAKE SURE that the company meets criteria for a quality company. You can read more about Evaluation Guidelines at a direct link to an article on this blog or call me for a complimentary consultation.

Have a safe and festive Labor Day weekend and don’t forget to start Dreaming and believing that you CAN reclaim financial security for yourself, your family and our Beloved USA!

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