Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Retail Marketing Tips for November

November is one of the largest Retail Sales months of the year! Are you capitalizing on this pre- Holiday Season to grow your Business?

It doesn't matter whether your Network Marketing Company markets a service or products. If you are Creative, you will realize that Every Network Marketing Company has a product or two that is suitable for Gift Giving.

The trick is to know your market (Customers)

Be sure to comunicate with your team and share marketing ideas with them. Encourage them to create and contribute ideas of their own too!

When you market to your Customers

~~~~ Be Creative in your presentation

~~~~ Be sure you build Value into the Gift by presenting a Word Picture for them that describes how the product/service will enhance their lives

~~~~ Make it convenient for them to purchase your products/services (practice exceptional Customer Service )

~~~~ Offer incentives or discounts (if your company does not have a holiday special)

~~~~ Personalize your customer service and offer to extend your customers purchasing to other LifeStyle Events during the year:





Bachelor Parties


Girls Night Out Parties

Just Because Gifting

Don't forget, building value to the product or service by painting a word picture ALWAYS creates desire and satisfaction!

~~~~ ALWAYS send a Thank you Note

~~~~ Send out a brief listing (mini newsletter) of potential gifts AND be sure to include a brief description of how the product will enhance the receivers life :-)

If possible, make sure that you label the product so that the receiver will be able to return to your website or call you to reorder once they finish the product or have used it up.

If you would like a personal consultation to learn more about increasing your November retail Sales or business building, please contact me via phone or email November@CompassionateMarketing.com

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to your door.

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