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How to attain your goals? Write it down, write it down!

Did you know that 95% of aspiring Network Marketers are not only new but part time marketers who seek to improve their lives; many times by just a few hundred dollars a week? A lucrative and effective compensation plan MUST PROVIDE for these part timers, thus creating an extraordinary place for Leaders (like you and I) who strive to not only live our dreams but to help others attain THEIR goals and dreams!

Being a Compassionate Marketer means that your contributions as a leader will be beneficial to all those whom you touch.

How can we learn to understand and motivate other networkers in our group?

Monday evening my personal business group discussed the importance of defining “Your 25 Reasons” and why it is important for you to WRITE THEM DOWN. As you may know, virtually ALL the "Captains of Industry" in our society to date have one thing in common; they ALL write down their goals. Doing so builds a STRONG kinetic bond between your heart and your brain and it also sends a message out to the Universe that you have INTENTION. The Universe always pays attention!

Your 25 reasons need to be STRONG enough to MOTIVATE you so that NOTHING stands in the way of your goals! Be sure that you KEEP this in your thoughts at all times.

Here is how it works:

1--Your goals should motivate you so strongly that you should be able to say, "If I don't get to (your goal, let's say the next level in your company) by (date) then I will give up........ (define what you will give up)

2--The thing you give up should be VERY important to you, like giving up your season's tickets to sport events (maybe The Yankees games) or selling your beloved 1967 Vintage Barracuda! The whole idea is that you would NEVER give those things up, so your motivation will KEEP you going until you reach your goal so you do NOT have to give them up! You are thus PUTTING VALUE to that which you want to attain and your goals suddenly become INTENSIFIED!
Example, Let's say I wanted to lose 30 lbs and could never do it before. Now I am on “the cookie diet” but don't really stick to it. If I promise that I will lose the weight OR I will have to give away my precious Sweet Pea (my beloved English Siamese pussy cat) then I KNOW that I will stick to the cookie diet and lose the weight. Can you see that?

Your assignment for this week, if you choose to accept it (Mission POSSIBLE) is to write (or re-write) your 25 Reasons for Being a (Your next in Level) in 2008.

This is NOT an easy assignment, my friend. Take a few days and noodle around what reasons will really motivate you enough to energize you to TAKE ACTION for the long term. The Slight Edge (By Jeff Olson) will get you there IF you are motivated and take action:-)

If you wish, you may submit YOUR 25 Reasons to me. BE SURE you TAKE ACTION by printing them out and placing them ALL over your home and office, review them several times a day, and SAY THEM OUT LOUD! Please include your phone number, name and email address and I will contact you for a free consultation.
Questions? Please feel free to call or write. Thank you for being such an important part of Compassionate Marketing. Your contributions, comments and your friendship are a blessing to me!

May your day be a treasure bringing Increase and Plenty to yourdoor.

Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

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